Tony Spera To Star In ‘The Jackpot Hit’!!

The psychic researcher is about to be transformed into a mafia boss. Tony Spera of NESPR has been set to star in the new short crime film The Jackpot Hit.
The film, directed by Michael Giovannini, will follow two crooks (played by Joey Ambrosini and Keont’e Collins) who have been assigned by a boss (Spera) to invade a poker game run by the local mafia.
The movie is currently in production in Connecticut with a list of other talents to join Spera in the scene. It will be the final scene shot by the team before heading into post-production.
Michael Giovannini (Pay Day) is directing the film and Joey Ambrosini (Damon’s Revenge) is producing with Joe Samonek (The Junkyard Dogs). This is Samonek’s debut as a producer.
Executive producers are Michael Giovannini, Rocky Ciarrocchi, and Tommy Fury. Associate producers are Mark Thompson and Douglas Maxwell Myer.
Giovannini Productions will be distributing the movie and has been in association with Gruemonkey in bringing the production to life.
Spera is known for his work in psychic research and he is the director of New England Society for Psychic Research. He also happens to be the spouse of Judy Spera (the daughter of Ed and Lorraine Warren).
Ambrosini stated: “It is a real pleasure to have Tony aboard for this project. I met Tony at a convention he hosted back in October in Waterbury, Connecticut and ever since then, we would keep in touch and when he accepted the mob boss role, it brought a great deal of excitement to me and the team.”
As the film is only one more film day away from being in post-production, there is no set date for a release just yet. But it has been predicted by Giovannini and Ambrosini that a summer release might be valid.

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