A little bit about us…


Gruemonkey is the brainchild of a little psychotic Gruemonkey named Grue who lives in our basement.
What is a Gruemonkey you ask?
Well, they’re morbid little fu…er creatures who dwell in damp dark places; particularly basements. Scientists believe they’ve been around for thousands of years and originally dwelled in dark caves. However, with the growth of civilization, they were forced to adapt to man and thus began living in our basements. You wouldn’t know it, though, as they are very quiet and seldom seen creatures. They’re around, though. Know that sock that went missing? It was a Gruemonkey fucking with you…which they love to do. Remember when you couldn’t find your keys or swore you didn’t eat that last piece of chicken? Yup, Gruemonkeys.
Oh, and they HATE bananas. Like a lot. They find them condescending. Go figure.
Grue the Gruemonkey is special, though. Ya see, he grew up watching the same stuff Hellter and I did. Namely Horror. He became obsessed. He also took up drinking…but that’s another story. He’s the one Gruemonkey who regularly comes out of the darkness to hang out…even when we don’t want him to.
One day he decided he wanted a horror site. You don’t turn down a Gruemonkey, not if you don’t want your house burned to the ground. So here it is, Gruemonkey.com!
We at Grue don’t follow any particular way of doing things, which is what makes us different from the other million Horror sites. We pretty much do whatever the hell we want when we want. We’re as unpredictable as Grue himself. We only cover what we like, and our only interest is sharing our love of all things macabre. 
Be sure to let us know how you like our little slice of Hell. It may take a bit to respond as Grue is constantly fucking with our emails, but we WILL respond, ya dig?
Have fun and SCREW YOUR BANANAS!!!
-Ani & Hellter