Daisy Derkins 5: Daisy Derkins Does Different Dimensions Press Release!!

DAISY DERKINS 5: DAISY DERKINS DOES DIFFERENT DIMENSIONS  is written & directed by Mark Mackner (Daisy Derkins: Dogsitter of the Damned, Daisy Derkins vs the Bloodthirsty Beast of Barren Pines, Daisy Derkins and the Dinosaur Apocalypse). Produced by Mark, Andre Bennett, Bob Kaplan, Francis McCloskey, and Gregory Yorgey-Girdy. Starring Gabby Ortiz (Monster Factory on Apple TV), Nadia White (Shakespeare’s Shitstorm), Rodney Anonymous (of punk rock band the Dead Milkmen), Cedric Crouch (Revenge of the Devil Bat), Mike Paquin (Caddyhack), Jeff Stewart (Saint Michael of the City), Mark Mackner (Camp Blood 666), Bob Kaplan (Daisy Derkins and the Dinosaur Apocalypse), Rocky Ciarrocchi (Daisy Derkins and the Dinosaur Apocalypse), Amanda Schoonover (Dispatches from Elsewhere, Candycane Lane) and more!


Filming begins this summer on the story, which centers on strange occurences across the multiverse, that bring 5 versions of Daisy Derkins together in an epic adventure featuring monsters, luchadors, goth girls, and so much more! Featuring stop motion animation from Ryan Lengyel (Cowgirls vs Pterodactyls) and Herbert Fabits (Daisy Derkins and the Dinosaur Apocalypse)!



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