‘The Port’: The Official Release Date & Everything Else You Need To Know!!

The biopic film directed by Joel Roman, The Port, will have its official release on December 25, 2022 (Christmas Day). The Port will now be released on December 25, 2022. The original prediction was that it would be released sometime in 2023. Director/Screenwriter Joel Roman made the big announcement that the movie will be released on Christmas Day and will be available on LateFlix.


The film takes place in Bridgeport, Connecticut. It is based on true events. Life of the party Joe Perez is trying to figure out what’s next in life as the weekend is filled with adventures, just the boys.


Joel Roman (Remembering Phil) not only wrote or directed the film, but he also starred in it as well. He is joined by newcomers Xavier Collazo, Cecilia Merlo, Abe Perez, Michael Castro, Julio Soto, Sean A. Diaz, Castro Hernandez, and Jada Wolf. Xavier plays the role of Joe Perez, which is actually an alias used in the film for Joel Roman (who plays Padre Nino), alongside the actors who will be playing the members of The Wild n Sexy Crew with Cecilia as CeCe Vazquez, Joe’s love interest, and Jada Wolf as Rose. Other cast members include Adriana Medina (Evil Lives Here: Shadows of Death), Joey Ambrosini (Johnny & Clyde), Joshua Eaddy (Bobby Dogs), and much more.


When asked about playing the role of the film’s creator, Collazo said, “From someone who knows what it’s like to direct. Wonderful job. Made me feel comfortable even though I was doing crazy things. Didn’t feel like we were wasting time doing nothing or like it was a stressful work environment where it’s a train on non stop, it was work that was enjoyable. I know the movies gonna look great.” Joel Roman had the film shot in a matter of three days and is now planning to turn it into a series, chronicling different stories about Bridgeport.

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