Professional MMA Fighter, Nick “The Mad Monkey” Serra, has been cast in “Massacre Manor”!!

It was announced on May 9th by the producer and writer of “Massacre Manor”, Joey Ambrosini, that he has cast professional mix martial artist, Nick “The Mad Monkey” Serra, for a scene. It was also announced that Serra is going to be playing the part of Mick in the film. When we posted the previous article about this film, Nick Serra was not cast nor was there even talk about an empty role in the film so we are assuming Mick was either a newly developed character or a hidden character until Nick was officially cast.

We are also determining that the part of Mick will be featured in the Irish Mafia scene alongside Charles F. Rosenay (Marcus O’Conor) and David Valle (Charles Butch). This is also looking to be Nick Serra’s acting debut as he is known only for his fighting skills in the octagon. He fought at UFC 37.5: As Real As It Gets in 2002 against Benji Radach in the co-main event. As a cast member of the film, I would personally like to welcome Nick Serra to the film.

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