William Surgeon, Anthony Pernicka and Joe Restaino are making a movie ‘Skyman’ with Dan Myrick!!

Director Dan Myrick who directed The Blair Witch Project, has signed a three-project deal with producers William Surgeon, Anthony Pernicka from iHorror and Joe Restaino

The first is already in production: Skyman, about a man who believes aliens that abducted him as a child are summoning him for a reunion, which he wants to document on film.

Joe Restaino helped Kevin Smith in the horror movie Killroy Was Here. website staff is involved in on-set production, but their primary contribution will be to bring Myrick back to his roots using a viral marketing campaign to sell a docu-style fictional film.

iHorror gets paid for ad space by numerous places and they reach well over 4 million Facebook followers. Anthony Pernicka founded iHorror six years ago. Glenn Douglas Packard is also involved in iHorror. They employ 23 writers throughout the United States and England, and Pernicka has three other movie credits, including as director of the short film Monstrum, set for a 2019 release. 

Skyman is slated for a 2019 release.

Next up as part of the three-project deal will be a 10-episode horror series with the working title Southern Gothic. Each episode will be a standalone story with a Southern twist, and Myrick will direct at least one. Production has not been scheduled, and a third project is yet to be chosen.

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