Slashback to the 80’s, Pitchfork director and cast answers 21 killer questions!!

I miss the 80’s horror.  To me, that was my favorite time for horror films.  Pitchfork gives me that 80’s horror feel and I love it. I have been covering Pitchfork on gruemonkey for a while now, even before the film was released. I believe in this film and the crew.  In my opinion, this is the best horror film of 2017.  Pitchfork the killer is very unique. He is not a big guy at all, but he makes up for his size in the way he stalks and kills his victims. He is twisted but you also feel bad for him after seeing the parents he came from. Glenn Packard did an amazing job with this film and I look forward to seeing what other horror films he has in the works.  A great director can’t do it alone. He has to have an amazing cast. The cast Glenn picked are really good and nail their characters in this film.  I am proud to bring to you the director and his cast from Pitchfork: Glenn Douglas Packard, Daniel Wilkinson, Lindsey Dresbach, Celina Beach, and Keith Webb.







Hellter: What is your favorite scary movie?

Glenn: It’s hard to pick just one. But for like the past 8 years my answer has been FRONTIER(S), you got to love a kick ass final girl with lots of scare and gore. 
Daniel: One that I’ll watch anytime and has nostalgic value as I watched with my brother as a kid, (I didn’t realize was horror): Army of Darkness. If performance based: The Shining, and I love American Psycho. Oh wait, that is 3. 
Lindsey: Pitchfork of course! My new favorites are The Finals Girls and It Follows
Keith: Psycho
Celina: High Tension, It’s got tension, suspense, gore, perfect house/location, sound, score, awesome creepy killer, and a plot twist at the end. It’s everything you want from a scary movie!




Hellter: Who on set really became their character?

Glenn: Daniel no doubt, Pitchfork was in his veins. But many actors in the film were so committed to their character. 
Daniel: I think everyone. Some of the roles were written specifically for the people playing them. 
Lindsey: Definitely Daniel Wilkinson who plays Pitchfork. We rarely interacted with him. He maybe spoke a total of 20 English words during the month of filming. I only really met Daniel once back in LA months later as the character of Pitchfork began to peel off of him. 
Keith: I think we all did because Glenn wrote the characters very close to who we are as people. 
Celina: Daniel 100% embodied his character from the second we landed in Michigan until the very last day on the set. Truly became Pitchfork mentally, physically, and emotionally. He never broke character for a second. A true method actor I have the utmost respect for.




Hellter: I hope Ma and Pa aren’t like that in real life, Keith.  Daniel, sounds like you were very intense as Pitchfork. Good job. Who was the cast clown?

Glenn: Keith Webb who plays Rocky for sure. He can put a smile on even a Debbie Downer. 
Daniel: Keith, if it’s not unanimous I will be surprised. 
Lindsey: Keith Webb all the way. 
Keith: I think I was. Cause I had to make myself laugh a lot to pass the time. 
Celina: Definitely Keith. Always goofing, cracking jokes, we quoted movies and were in accents the whole time we were there.




Hellter: Well Keith, sounds like they all picked you as the cast clown (laughs). Describe your character and how they related to you?

Glenn: Director and he is very much like me. (laughs). Captain of my ship. Captain of my destiny. 
Daniel: I already have enough problems without delving back into that. 
Lindsey: Clare is Lindsey: loving, creative, driven and down to earth. 
Keith: My character Rocky was the urban feel of the movie. Loves hip hop and Kanye and always having a good time, never taking anything too serious. My character was me as far as that aspect of my life. Pretty much the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. 
Celina: Lenox is a singer/dancer/actress who loves to do what she wants with whomever she wants (particularly her best friend’s boyfriend). She’s a free spirit who believes in free love, being the center of attention and uses her sexuality to manipulate and couldn’t be bothered with the consequences. Although I’ve never cheated on anyone or done any friend wrong, I am definitely a free spirit who’s always had an open mind towards the expression of love. I relate to Lenox in using my femininity to my advantage because I do believe women are the ultimate power source. I do like to break into accents for fun, but it’s never intentionally used to manipulate or fool… or is it?




Hellter: What horror movie title best describes your sex life?

Glenn: The Midnight Meat Train
Daniel: Final Destination.
Lindsey: The Strangers.
Keith: The Human Centipede, without the body fluids. 
Celina: Let the Right One In– I just recently separated from an 8 year relationship so I’m a bit cautious in the dating/intimacy department. 




Hellter: Glenn and Daniel, funny stuff. Midnight Mean Train and Final Destination to describe your sex lives. (laughs). What horror character would you want by your side to fight in a zombie apocalypse?

Glenn: Can I just put together a team of bad asses? Like a Avengers super hero team. I would take Ripley (Aliens 2), Jason (Friday the 13th VI: Jason Lives), Mary (American Mary), Sam (Trick r Treat), Michonne (The Walking Dead), and of course Ash (Evil Dead). 
Daniel: Horror character meaning villain? Sil (Natasha Henstridge) from Species. Even when your fighting with a villain on your side, the villain’s still going to kill you unless you’re a final girl (or Dewey). So I might as well go out the best way. And considering most everyone else is a zombie, I’d say my chances of going out with a smile, would be pretty high. As well as that’s her main goal. 
Lindsey: 100% Leatherface. 
Keith: Roddy Piper from They Live
Celina: Ash from The Evil Dead because he already has experience fighting the dead. And because he has his big boom stick…which is his shotgun.




Hellter: Good choices. I love your choice Keith, Roddy Piper. I would choose Macho Man Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan, and Undertaker. (laughs). Do you believe in the paranormal? Have you experienced any?

Glenn: No, probably because I haven’t experienced one yet in my lifetime. 
Daniel: Keith said he was probed by an alien once… I didn’t ask where, as his look said it all. 
Lindsey: No, I don’t really. I’m scared of crazy people. 
Keith: Not really, but I’d love to be proven wrong. 
Celina: I’ve never experienced any paranormal stuff, but I do believe in energies, spirits, and past lives.




Hellter: I believe because I have seen some things, but that’s for another article and time. Who’s sexier, Pitchfork or Ryan Gosling? 

Glenn: Duh, Ryan Gosling. Pitchfork isn’t supposed to be sexy, you sick fuck. (laughs)
Daniel: If I answer that, I think I’d just be saying I was narcissistic. 
Lindsey: Equally sexy. 
Keith: Um, no comment. 
Celina: Is that even a question? (laughs)




Hellter: I’d say Pitchfork.  He’s that dark creepy sexy look. What is the one thing that scares you the most?

Glenn: I’d say being left alone in the dark in the middle of the ocean. That would be the absolute wrong thing I can ever imagine. 
Daniel: Being the last person on earth.
Lindsey: Losing a family member. 
Keith: Swarms of insects. 
Celina: Fear of losing my son. 




Hellter: What’s your favorite type of horror film?

Glenn: 1. Slasher films because I’m a child of the 80’s.  2. Home Invasion because I feel like they can really happen.  3. Devil films just scare the shit out of me, Lucifer is not my friend. 
Daniel: Monster horror genre. 
Lindsey: One with some comedic relief so I have a chance to breathe. 
Keith: Horror with a sense of humor, or suspense thriller.
Celina: Cult horror/foreign horror.




Hellter: I’m with you on that Glenn, my favorite are slasher films. What is your favorite and least favorite moment while filming Pitchfork?

Glenn: Favorite was probably all 21 days of being on set, I was right where I was supposed to be no matter how little sleep I was getting. Least favorite would be the cornfield scene, just a lot didn’t work out that night. But in the end, it’s one of my favorite moments in the film with Flo (Nicole Dambro) tear at the end of the scene (look for it)! 
Daniel: Favorite is laying all the bodies down at the bloodshed.  Least favorite is the cornfield because of the maggots… the continual dry heaving from the corn syrup is a close second when biting someone. 
Lindsey: Least favorite moment was leaving set and trying to adjust back into the real world. So many favorite moments, Pitchfork was the opportunity of a lifetime. However, my favorite moments would have to be when the whole cast and our director would gather in the living room and watch nothing but horror films. 
Keith: Playing dead with my eyes open. That sucks. 
Celina: Favorite moment was a tie between the barn dance and my makeout session with hottie Ryan.   My least favorite moment… I mean honestly every moment was great. Wrapping my death scene and leaving Michigan were my least favorite moments. Everything about filming this film was incredible and one of the best experiences in my career.




Hellter: Sounds like you all had a fun time shooting this film.  Who is your favorite horror character pre-Pitchfork?

Glenn: Jason Voorhees or Leatherface, they are two horror characters that are crazy as hell, but I have a soft spot for them because they are circumstances of their childhood just like Pitchfork. 
Daniel: The Leprechaun. 
Lindsey: ‘Tate’ from American Horror Story Season 1. 
Keith: Creature from the Black Lagoon
Celina: Michael Myers.




Hellter: Mine would have to be Angela from Night of the Demons 1, 2, and 3. Amazing talented lady.  Describe one of your scariest nightmares you have had?

Glenn: I used to dream of the Devil as a kid, it’s probably why these type of films scare me. The crazy thing is I used to dream of him, and think that I woke up but I was still in the dream and he would then show up there in the dream of the dream. So it was hard to tell what was real or not. 
Daniel: Falling off a clip escaping some hillbillies I think it was… turns out I had fallen off my bunk bed. 
Lindsey: Since I was a kid I always have this recurring dream of massive alligators in pitch-dark water eating all of my family members. 
Keith: I was a little kid at a McDonald’s playground at the top of this big tube slide that was all black dark inside. I went down it and halfway down I got stuck and no one could hear me scream. 
Celina: I dreamt that I was at a party with my brother and friends (my brother and I have an extremely close relationship with each other). We are partying up on the second-floor deck outside and there was no railing. My brother came stumbling out onto the deck, bumped into somebody and accidentally pushed him off the deck and I watched him fall and break his neck and die. I woke up crying hysterically and instantly called him to make sure he was still alive. It was so vivid and real, literally the worst visual to have in your head. Terrible! 




Hellter: Wow Glenn, a dream in a dream, sounds like some Elm Street stuff. I dreamt a couple times of the devil to, scared me.  Would you rather spend a weekend camping in Crystal Lake, go to dreamworld to hang with Freddy, go trick or treating in Haddonfield, or have Thanksgiving dinner with the Pitchfork at the Holisters?

Glenn: Pitchfork and the Hollisters for Thanksgiving dinner, they are like family to me now, and I would love another day with the three of them. 
Daniel: Am I Pitchfork or Daniel?  I only get action in one of those questions so I guess I know where I’m going. 
Lindsey: Surprisingly willing to give the Holisters a second chance. 
Keith: Camp Crystal Lake, because I can at least party and have a good time before I die. 
Celina: Trick or treating in Haddonfield! Because they have the best candy and Michael Myers isn’t going to come after me, because he’s going after the dumb chick in the closet, duh. 




Hellter: I think I would hang out with Freddy in dreamland and offer him a beer and a shot and play Nintendo.  What scene scared you the most?

Glenn: When Ma Holister first step out of the darkness in the cabin when Pa calls her in to meet their guests Clare and Hunter, it’s just a creepy moment. 
Daniel: None.
Lindsey: Honestly, Daniel (Pitchfork) off-set was the scariest in my opinion. Without the cameras rolling, he would mess with us when we were sleeping. It was terrifying. He watched us, left notes in blood, and released dead or alive frogs in our bedrooms. I definitely lost sleep but got to practice my horror scream. 
Keith: I don’t get scared. 
Celina: My death scene. I hadn’t seen Daniel the entire time while filming, so having him so close, breathing on me, licking me, humping my face was definitely the most scared I’d been. Glenn was so genius in strictly enforcing complete isolation from Pitchfork and the cast so it built unbelievable real levels of anxiety, curiosity, and fear that just naturally came out in the scenes. 




Hellter: Any fun on set stories?

Glenn: Fun, there was time for fun? Actually, there was fun and you will see all of it on the special features of the Bluray/Amazon DVD. I put together a montage of some funny moments during filming. 
Daniel: They served us maple bacon and glazed donuts for breakfast and expected us to keep a figure. 
Lindsey: Relating back to the last question, the night Pitchfork released the frogs in our room, I screamed for the boys. Keith (Rocky) and Ryan (Matt) frantically paced around the room collecting frogs. They apparently missed one because 4 hours later I woke up to one on my face. Daniel was so pleased. 
Keith: All I can say is Karaoke nights in Clare Michigan. 
Celina: Pitchfork snuck into our bedroom and watched us sleep. I’m a little twisted so I thought that was fun just knowing we were being watched.




Hellter:  Such a funny story about the frogs.  Pitchfork’s mask is a skin of a dog, your character lives to see the sequel and you talk him into a new mask, what is it and why?

Glenn: I think it would be cool that he takes on different animals. I would love to see him in a buck mask with horns and all. 
Daniel: A Tempur-Pedic mask. It will help hydrate my skin more. And be more comfortable. 
Lindsey: If Ma doesn’t make it to the sequel, then I would talk Pitchy into a new mask of her face. I’m already crying thinking about it. 
Keith: A rubber mask of Donald Trump. Like William Shatner’s mask in Halloween. That would be the new scary mask of the modern generation.
Celina: I would convince him to take the skin of a meaner looking dog or animal. Something that would really scare the shit out of someone. Like a coyote or wolf.




Hellter: I would go with a wendigo mask.  You get to suck the blood of one person to live eternity with, who would that be?

Glenn: Odell Beckham Jr.
Daniel: Rachel Weiss would never get old. I’d do it solely for her well being. 
Lindsey: Sounds so wrong, but my grandpa. 
Keith: Me, myself, and I. I am a loner. 
Celina: Lestat from Interview with a Vampire. He’s gorgeous, he’d hunt for me and love me for eternity. Ok, now I sound creepy. 




Hellter: I would choose Nick Jonas or Paula Abdul.  What is your favorite horror franchise?

Glenn: The Evil Dead. Please just keep them coming till I’m 90 years old. 
Daniel: I can’t tell you but it sounds like pa pa pa pa Pitchfork
Lindsey: Film is Scream.  Tv is American Horror Story
Keith: Romero’s Living Dead series. 
Celina: Halloween, hands down. 




Hellter: Mine is Night of the Demons series.  What was your favorite Pitchfork on screen kill?

Glenn: Rocky (Keith Webb) and Janelle (Sheila Learson), I loved how their entire scene played out from the moment they went cow tipping til their Romeo and Juliet slo-mo fall. 
Daniel: Rocky and Janelle, their love was forever. Awee.
Lindsey: Definitely Lenox’s kill. Celina Beach who plays Lenox has become one of my closest friends so it physically hurts me and drains me to watch it, however, her commitment and Pitchfork’s twisted mannerisms are so admirable from an actor’s perspective. They killed it. Seriously. 
Keith: Very first kill of the movie. Fishhooks! 
Celina: Oh mine for sure! (laughs), But seriously, it’s the build up, the tension, the disturbing feeling it gives everyone… doesn’t matter that you don’t actually see the pitchfork go in, it just makes you feel a certain way, unlike any other scene.




Hellter: My favorite was Ma and Pa’s deaths.  You get to have dinner with 5 horror peeps dead or alive, who are they and why?

Glenn: Sam Raimi, Wes Craven, James Wan, John Carpenter and Manoj “M. Night” Shyamalan. To be able to sit with 5 of the greatest directors of all time would be pretty cool, it would need to be like a dinner excursion through a long camping trip in the woods for a 7 days and 6 nights. 
Daniel: Guillermo Del Turro, Sam Raimi,  Alfred Hitchcock, Tim Burton (in my defense he did Frankenweenie), Ridley Scott, Peter Jackson, and Stanley Kubrick.  Just to be a fly on the wall for the wealth of information I can get… that and we’d end up being homies. Yeah that’s 7. I had to add Tim though. 
Lindsey: I would just want to visit the Murder House from American Horror Story Season 1 and see which 5 ghosts would join me for dinner. 
Keith: Ed Wood, Alfred Hitchcock, John Landis, Sam Raimi, and George Romero. All horror directors, all amazing!
Celina: John Carpenter (the horror master), Tony Muran (because I’d want John to explain how he came up with the idea of Michael Myers and have Tony explain what it was like developing into the character, etc), Alfred Hitchcock (to pick his brain and understand his logic), Cecile de France (High Tension), and Carina Testa (Frontier(S)) (to get to know their character preparation and acting approaches).





Thank you, everyone for your time.  Pitchfork is a must see horror film for 2017. I can’t say enough good things about this film, you have to go see it now.

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