Kaitlyn O’Shea reveals she was passed down for a role in Keont’e Collins’ “Massacre Manor” by Joey Ambrosini in Episode 2 of “The Grue Rume”!!

The Grue Rume is a new talk-show hosted by Rocky Ciarrocchi (a.k.a Hellter Skellter) that streams live on IGTV. On July 17th, the guest was Kaitlyn O’Shea (“Victims” & “Dickie K.”). Rocky asked her how she got tied into Joey Ambrosini and “Massacre Manor” not even knowing she was not apart of the film but also passed down for a role in the film. She replied:
“I don’t think I am apart of ‘Massacre Manor’ although Joey did reach out to me about a leading role in the film but I was not sure if I was able to accept it.”
Kaitlyn was also saying how her and Joey met via networking through mutual friends online and they would eventually become friends. Kaitlyn also gave her best to the cast and crew to the film as well as the film overall:
But I wish everyone that is involved the absolute best of luck and I cannot wait to see it myself.”
We are certain that the role Kaitlyn was offered was the part of Trisha, which is now being portrayed by Caroline Jennings, but you can check Kaitlyn O’Shea out in this 2019 film called “Victims”. She is also in this upcoming biography film called “Dickie K.” playing the role of Stephanie ‘Stevie’ Zdanowitz.

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