It is OFFICIAL! Joey Ambrosini and Keont’e Collins are doing a Short Horror Film!!

Not too long ago, Gruemonkey made a huge prediction on Joey Ambrosini doing a short horror movie. Well, we were correct! Joey Ambrosini made a huge exciting announcement that he is working with a group of people for a short horror movie that is being called “Massacre Manor”. The film is going to be about a group of teenage kids that spend a night in what happens to be the proclaimed most dangerous household in town and they accidentally respawn the demonic soul of the man who stayed there and he intends to kill them all. The film is being put together by Joey Ambrosini and Keont’e Collins. We have received word from Ambrosini about this film:

“I am just so excited to be putting something like this together and even more exciting, I have a team assembled for the cast and crew. Myself and my good friend, Keont’e Collins, have been planning this idea since February 2020 when I made my acting debut at Fright Haven and ever since then we had the pleasure of putting together a script and a cast and crew. I will also be one of the main characters in the film, I will be playing the part of Pauly. I am just really excited and just words cannot emphasize how humble I am to be working with a group of talented individuals.”


Keont’e Collins is the founder of Perfect Timing TV and he has put together a couple of short videos such as “The Ripper Run” and “The Day Dreamer” but this film is going to be by far the biggest production brought by Perfect Timing TV and Keont’e Collins had something to say about it:

“My name is Keont’e Collins and I’ll be directing and shooting the horror movie ‘Massacre Manor’. I am going to give the audience a real horror film to remember. I want people to jump out of their seats as they’re watching this. The cast and crew members are top notch to say at least. We will be filming very soon and from then on, we will release it soon after so stay tuned” – Keont’e Collins (Director / Executive Producer / Director of Photography / Camera Operator / Art Director / Film Editor).


We have also been able to receive the full cast list (written below):

David Valle as Charles Butch
Lily Peterson as Trisha
Ethan Stutheit as Eric
Joey Ambrosini as Pauly
Kaydence Koloskie as Becky
Gabe Augustin as Alex
Charles F. Rosenay as Marcus O’Conor
Richard Hawley Taylor as Garrett
Jackson Gower Taylor as Tommy
Michael Badejo as Luke
Chris Baldyga as Irish Mobster #1
Joe Samonek as Irish Mobster #2
Gary Wolfenden as Irish Mobster #3
Rocky Ciarrocchi as Shadow
Greg Downham (a.k.a. Dean Frost) as John O’Conor


One of the things that we made notice of is that there are a few cast members that are also in the haunt acting biz with Joey Ambrosini and Keont’e Collins. Ethan Stutheit and Joey Ambrosini worked together in the Pet Cemetery scene at Legends of Fear 2019. Legends of Fear has been ranked the number one haunted attraction in the U.S. for years 2018 and 2019 with their haunted trail and hayride. Not only that but there are other actors from Legends of Fear that are appearing in this film such as David Valle, Richard Hawley Taylor, Jackson and Gower Taylor. The Taylor’s were also award winning actors for Legends of Fear 2019 as they were awarded the Psycho Brothers Award. There are also actors that have done Fright Haven that are going to be in the film. Joey Ambrosini performed as Dr. Kallahan at the 2020 “Valentine’s Day Massacre” event alongside Jackson Gower Taylor who performed as Jeffery The Patient. Fright Haven is CT’s Biggest Indoor Haunted Walkthrough founded by Charles F. Rosenay and has had Keont’e Collins perform there.

“I have no doubts in my mind whatsoever that we are all going to have a fantastic time. I also would just like to point out that I was so excited when David Valle gave us the thumbs up to play the part of Charles Butch. Actually, one of the reasons I wanted David to play this part is because he kind of reminds me of Tyler Mane when he portrayed Michael Myers in the Rob Zombie remakes of ‘Halloween’. But I just am so excited to work with a group of people that I have worked with before at haunted attractions as well as the entire cast all together” – Joey Ambrosini (Pauly / Producer / Writer / Casting).


We also had the honor of getting to speak with some of the other cast members:

“I really appreciate the opportunity I’ve been given to play one of the leading roles in a film like this. I’m counting down the days until we can get on set and start working. My craft is my life and it’s people like Joey Ambrosini that give me life. I hope this film goes places, the creators really deserve it with how much hard work they have already been putting in, even before the shoot dates” – Ethan Stutheit (Eric).

“I am so excited to join the cast of ‘Massacre Manor’, fresh off heels of my last horror thriller, ‘Central Park Dark’, starring Tom Sizemore, due out later this year. As Trisha, I look forward to taking fright to a new level, while working with a talented and dedicated cast and crew. I look forward to building on my experiences in the horror film genre” – Lily Peterson (Trisha).

“Hi, my name is Kaydence Koloskie and I will be playing the part of Becky. I have modeling experience and I am a cheerleader. I look forward to bringing my outgoing personality to the character of Becky and I am excited to be on set and to learn more about acting. I can’t wait to meet everyone and create a successful film together” – Kaydence Koloskie (Becky).

“I have always been a fan of horror. My mom and I used to watch horror movies together since I was very little. While she loved horror movies, my father would often refuse to go see them with her because he was scared. So, she’d take me as her date instead. I grew up with Freddy Krueger and Jason Vorhees, they’re like uncles to me (laughs). I love that I will be apart of the horror genre, and that I am helping to create a legend very much like my heroes. Hopefully, I can inspire another horror fan to be the monster they want to become” – David Valle (Charles Butch)

“I want to thank Joey Ambrosini for the honor of giving me the role of Tommy. ‘Massacre Manor’ is a huge accomplishment for Joey, like a musician recording and releasing his first album. There is nothing more emotionally gratifying than the sense of accomplishment. I am just very proud of Joey Ambrosini and I am even more proud to be apart of his life as not just a friend but as like a brother” – Jackson Gower Taylor (Tommy).




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