David Valle & Rocky Ciarrocchi Added as Producers to Keont’e Collins’ “Massacre Manor”!!

“Massacre Manor” is the upcoming short horror movie that was developed by Joey Ambrosini and Keont’e Collins (founder of Perfect Timing TV). But now, there are four men producing the film total. It was announced on June 21st that David Valle and Rocky Ciarrocchi were added as producers to the film. David has one producer credit for his short horror video “Regret”. Rocky Ciarrocchi also has one producer credit for his teamwork with Joey Ambrosini in “Panther Homecoming”. David Valle is the founder of Septimus Studios and Rocky Ciarrocchi is the co-founder of Gruemonkey. Fun fact though, every single producer of this film are in the cast. Joey Ambrosini is playing Pauly, David Valle is Charles Butch, Keont’e Collins as Shawn, and Rocky Ciarrocchi is doing the voice of Shadow. With this being said, “Massacre Manor” is shaping up to be one  extraordinary short horror movie.

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