“The Krampus Carol” (2018) – Finishing funds!!



An X-mas horror/comedy. Starring Luc Bernier, Helene Udy, Donna Hamblin, Dawna Lee Heising & Featuring Brinke Stevens.


Long story short, we just finished shooting the majority of a really phenomenal feature film but there are a few scenes we still need to finish, visual effects we need to purchase, etc. and we can Not do it without YOUR help.

The film is an old-school Christmas, horror, comedy mash-up that takes on two classic tales; “The Tell-Tale Heart” By Edgar Allen Poe & “The Christmas carol” By Charles Dickens, Both are told in a twisted, fresh, new way.

Our goal is set at $1,000.

  • If we reach our goal then we will have just enough to cover-
  • 1: Brinke Steven’s voice cameo.
  • 2: Kickstarter’s fees.
  • 3: Backer perks (DVDs etc.).

IF we can NOT raise the entire goal, the backers will be refunded 100% and the project will be canceled.

IF we DO exceed our goal of 1K it will open up new opportunities such as (and depending on how much we raise)-

  •  1: A possible VIDEO cameo from Brinke, rather than just a voice cameo.
  • 2: An extended alternate ending.
  • 3: Better visual effects packages.
  • 4: Access to better editing packages in general.
  • 5: Further exposure of the film through marketing, etc.
  • 6: Hire an amazing veteran Horror actor for the voice of “Krampus”.
  • 7: Help pay off the debt accumulated from the shoot (Currently 2K left to pay off).


Luc Bierner “A Blood Story”, “Amityville: Evil Never Dies” plays Ben, the Scrooge inspired character that murders his wife on X-Mas Eve.

Helene Udy “My Bloody Valentine”, “Dr. Quinn” plays Sarah, the 1950’s style housewife with a dark past…

Dawna Lee Heising “RoboWoman”, “Samurai Cop 2” plays the Ghost that ushers in the Christmas evils…

Donna Hamblin “Hellcat’s Revenge”, “Sinister” plays Perchta, the organ stealing witch!

Erin Felts “The Haunting of Mia Moss”, “The Possession of Mia Moss” plays the Cannibal Elf.

And the Legendary Brinke Stevens Slumber Party Massacre”, “Death House”, as the Narrator.



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