Seth Collier talks to Grue about dancing, acting, and horror films!!

Seth Collier is an Australian actor, dancer, and model. He began his professional acting career by appearing in the short film ‘Evie’ where he plays Matthew. He recently starred in The Portable Door. Born on , 2004, Seth Collier hails from Gold Coast, Australia.



ROCCO: Hello, everybody, and welcome back to another great episode of my Gruerume Show. And for the Gruerume show today, we got a very cool guest. He’s a great actor. He’s a talented dan dancer, and I’ve been watching his dancing videos a lot. And this, this, this young man has amazing dan dance moves. So, after you listen to the interview, or watch the interview, if you’ve never heard of my guest that I’m going to have on and after you’re done the interview, you want to learn more about him, definitely look up how great he is as a dancer on his Instagram page and the YouTube videos; like he’s amazing. And plus, he’s an actor too. And he’s he acted in some short films, some regular films and TV. So, we’re going to talk to him a little bit about everything. And I’m looking forward to it because I talked to him earlier, and he’s a super cool person, really, really down the earth and really chill. His name is Seth Collier, Collier. I think that’s how you say your name. If I say your name wrong, I apologize. I’ll definitely have you say when you come on, so don’t be mad. I am Rocco Cross. I am the host stutters I am the host of the Gruerume. And my interview with Seth will be coming up very shortly. You are in the Gruerume, and welcome to my nightmare. Okay, I’m welcome to Gruerume and thanks so much for waking up early in the morning, on your end and coming on the show.

Seth:              My pleasure. Love it.

Rocco:             Thank you. Appreciate it; appreciate you waking up this early coming on. And like the first thing I wanted to ask you is, um, you, you do both you, you act, and you also dance now too. So, what, what drew you to want to do, do both, both things?

Seth:              Um, well, I guess I started out acting in like theater and stuff, just like fun amateur theater acting. Um and I think we did this play it was at the criminal data and it incorporated a little bit of like dancing and stuff into it too. And I was like; ‘Wait a second. I kinda like dancing too’. And then I did dance at a small place called Justin Studio, um and really enjoyed it. So, then it kind of just went from there. But yeah, kind of started acting and then dance school. So, it was like a talent I didn’t know I had in there, but I just kind of had fun with it; so yeah.


Rocco:             Wow. Okay, nice. Nice.

Seth:              Yeah. Kinda random, but yeah.

Rocco:             Well, yeah, that’s all it’s fun. Like, when you go in for one thing, and you, you realize you also have talent for something else. And why not go for that as well?

Seth:              Exactly. It’s kind of all at my dance studio, they’re all like, super, super professional. And they want to like dance and make it in the industry and like, earn money off dance. And I’m kind of just there for the fun and the ride. So, it’s a little bit random. I’m just like.


Rocco:             Dude you got it’s fun though.

Seth:              Yeah.

Rocco:             That’s great.  

Seth:              You see fit. Yeah.

Rocco:             Nice. Nice. And, you know, by doing a lot of dance now, like I’ve seen a lot of your videos and you’re amazing at it. And are there any dance artists that that that you look, look up to at all?

Seth:              Absolutely. So, there’s a few at my own dance studio. Like Shaua Bruash. She does awesome Jazz’s. I’ve been in a few of her routine. She’s really awesome. Um John Murphy. He creates like all this like sort of weird, weird storytelling, intricate movements stuff, which I love. And then someone that’s not at my dance studio, Paris Cabina. She’s really, really awesome. Um I went to her show recently, actually. And it blew my mind. So yeah, it probably the 3 I really love. Yeah, I’ve learned so much from them.


Rocco:             Sweet, nice, nice. And I also saw you were part of a play; Wicked. And, and for, for those who don’t know what Wicked is, it’s about the wick the Wicked Witch and it’s an awesome play. And I want to know which role you played in it and how you liked it.

Seth:              Well, I played Bach in Wicked so it was a fun roll. Um believe it or not, that was a school musical.

Rocco:             Oh, wow.

Seth:              My school had a really big budget. So, like, it was just all these like amateur school kids doing a school musical Wicked. And then we just showed up to like the show. And there’s these massive like LED screens going all above here and then a massive LED screen at the back. And we’re all just kind of, and then they’ve got the scissor lift, which goes up to make a fly. And then we’ve got like, fog dryer spoke coming down from the roof while she’s singing um what’s the song she sings? Um a song with a big note. But um, yeah, and it’s just like, my school goes overkill on the musicals.


Rocco:             Wow. Hey, you know, that that means the school has a lot of great talent including you. So, they want to go they want to go all out for it for you know.

Seth:              Yeah.  

Rocco:             Sweet.

Seth:              Sounds fun.

Rocco:             Nice, nice. And um how did you wind up getting the role of Peter in the I’m not gonna say this right; The Boga Bill Abbas, is that how you say it?

Seth:              Uh The Boga Bill Abbas.

Rocco:             Yeah.

Seth:              That was like, that was one of my first like one of my first roles I did. Um I went for the main role. But I didn’t get the main role. And then they offered me this kid who’s like a Jehovah’s Witness. And he’s just kind of like the funny side character. Um, yeah, I just went and auditioned for something my agent sent me for, um had an audition for that, got the different role, and then we went to Crow’s Nest for a fuse that few days, you probably don’t know where that is, because I’m in Australia. But it’s like the bush the middle of nowhere with like, a bunch of little kids, just like an accident waiting to happen.  And we like got to sleep over and everything; it was really good. I just auditioned and got the role. So yeah.


Rocco:             Wow. Okay, sweet, man. Nice. And um you also did a horror short you, you, you play Tom, in a horror short called Solid collusion. So, can you tell me a little bit about who Tom is and what the horror short was about?

Seth:              That one was a really fun one, actually. Um, they actually came and filmed on my property. So just out here is a massive farm, and…

Rocco:             Oh really?

Seth:              Yeah. Um, I know it’s kind of random. I’m an actor and dancer, but I live on a farm. My dad’s like a tough farmer. It doesn’t add up at all. But yeah, so they came and filmed in the bush on our farm. And um that was a while ago. But no, it was it was a good time. I had like, um previous people I met on other short films in it as well. So, it was like a big reunion with all my friends and stuff. So…

Rocco:             Oh wow.

Seth:              they just came out on our farm, and we shot a short film, and it was a good time. Yeah.

Rocco:             Sweet.

Seth:              Yeah. I’m not sure it’s coming out. It’s been like over a year, so it’s taking a while but yeah, watch it to find out if I die or not.


Rocco:             Okay, I definitely will. I mean, I don’t want to see you die because you seem like a really nice person. But, but um, yeah, I definitely will watch it.

Seth:              You know, it’s really gruesome.

Rocco:             Okay. And what, what did you like best about filming that horror short? Like, was there any, any scene you love?

Seth:              Like, every time someone got decapitated, or there was like, a mounted head. Like, that felt good.

Rocco:             Nice.

Seth:              Um, I guess well, that my friends were there, that it was on my own property didn’t have to travel. Um I guess I mean, anytime you do something horror, it’s gonna be a good time.

Rocco:             Oh, definitely.


Seth:              Screaming and being dramatic and running away from the killer. Like it’s so fun.

Rocco:             Yeah, exactly. I mean, what, what, what more fun can you have than being covered in blood running through your farm? Right?

Seth:              I love how dramatic I love how dramatic it is because like one second, I’ll just be like, yeah, ha-ha talking to my friends, and they’re like; ‘Cool, action’, and I’m like; ‘Ahhh’.

Rocco:             Right, exactly, that’s sure. And um so like how did it take a while to actually do like the blood and the gore and make, make up and everything?

Seth:              Um, I think well, my what happens to me is quite it’s quite simple. So, I didn’t necessarily have lots of gruesome stuff on me.

Rocco:             Okay.

Seth:              It was one of the other characters that just had like a full. I’m not supposed to spoil it, but they had like a whole full, full like bashed in head.

Rocco:             Okay.


Seth:              And I think that took a while to do because she had to like lay on the ground and they’re like; ‘Don’t move, do not move’. And then it’s like 3 hours later and she’s like looking.

Rocco:             Oh, wow. Okay, nice.

Seth:              And the prosthetics and gore and makeup on that was like 3 and a half hour process every morning.

Rocco:             Wow.

Seth:              Yeah, so that was fun.

Rocco:             Yeah, that definitely sit in a chair for 3 and a half hours. Wow, okay.

Seth:              Why yeah. I definitely drank, drank a lot of coffees that day.

Rocco:             Yeah, yeah, definitely.

Seth:              Cos I didn’t eat.


Rocco:             Well, they like Freddy,  the actor that plays Freddy in the Elm Street films like I think he was on an interview, he was saying how long it takes for him to get into the makeup for, for Freddy. And he said it literally takes a half of the day just to put the Freddy stuff on. And then another half to take it off.

Seth:              And it smells so bad, like, because you think it’s just like a mask, they put on you. But it’s like this bit and this bit and this bit and it all have to be like molded in with this alcohol stuff. And then they spray you to paint it with like the most toxic stuff ever. While you’re already trying to breathe through your nose, they’re like; ‘Shh’, and you’re like; ‘Uh’. So, yeah.

Rocco:             Damn.

Seth:              That also hurts a lot.

Rocco:             Yeah, exactly.

Seth:              Yeah. It’s only like 2 hours of filming and then 5 hours of makeup.

Rocco:             You know, that’s what that’s what it seems like. I mean especially when you’re doing horror. It, it seems like when you’re shooting a horror film it takes longer to get in costume and get in makeup and prosthetics. And then whatever’s left of the day you do like an hour or 2 filming.


Seth:              Crazy people who would want to do that.

Rocco:             Well, I, I guess I’m crazy because I’ve, I’ve been in a couple low budget horror films, so.

Seth:              I just saw Freddy’s on your shirt.

Rocco:             Yeah, yeah.

Seth:              That’s sick.

Rocco:             Yeah, that’s what I love the most like out of all like things my favorite movies that I watch are horror films like I absolutely love them.

Seth:              It was my first horror film. I had to beg because we had it on DVD. It’s literally sitting right over there.

Rocco:             Nice.


Seth:              I had to beg mom for like 5 years, and she finally let me watch it. It was great. We just got crazier and crazier. You know what I mean?

Rocco:             Oh, definitely. Like it starts out like the fir there’s about 7 or 8 Elm Street films now.

Seth:              Yeah.

Rocco:             And the first one started it all off and it was brutal especially the scene where he’s dragging the girl up on the wall, on the ceiling, and he cuts her open. Oh my god.

Seth:              It’s awesome.

Rocco:             Yeah, it was.

Seth:              I’d watch so many clips on YouTube behind my parents’ back. So, I’ve basically seen all the movies.


Rocco:             Nice. So, so you saw the classics like The Elm Street, Halloween, Friday the 13th, Chucky.

Seth:              I didn’t watch Chucky. I didn’t realize how great Chucky was gonna be. I thought it was just gonna be like another Elm Street, you know? [inaudible 13:54] Golden Age Chucky does have a bloody mouth.

Rocco:             Yeah. So not only are you being killed by this killer doll, but you’re being cursed out too.

Seth:              Yeah. I just didn’t understand that one.

Rocco:             Well, yes, yeah. His um, his bride like, cuz, you know, Chucky wasn’t always a doll. He was a human at, at one time. He was this like, serial killer and a cop shoots him, and he’s dying. And he, he does like this spell and transfers his soul in to the doll. And then in later, later movies. Yeah. Yeah, later movies, he finds the, the girl who was his girlfriend when he was human, and he kills her and then puts her soul into the doll.

Seth:              Yeah, classic.


Rocco:             So, you know, you want to be with your girlfriend so you have to make her doll too.

Seth:              These days?

Rocco:             What was that?

Seth:              Isn’t that what everyone does these days?

Rocco:             I know right exactly. Yes. So, what are like what are some horror films you actually watched besides like the Nightmare on Elm Street and Chucky and all that?

Seth:              I think it was Pennywise.

Rocco:             Yes.

Seth:              favorite, that’s my favorite movie of all; so good.

Rocco:             Oh my God, he’s creepy with that those teeth. Oh my God. That is so creepy.


Seth:              My room my room, my bed cover is Pennywise face, my pillow is Pennywise face. I have a Pennywise doll staring at me.

Rocco:             Oh my God. I love that.

Seth:              Yeah, no, it’s all Pennywise, my room.

Rocco:             Wow, that is so awesome.

Seth:              Yeah.

Rocco:             Oh my god. I love that. Look, that is that that is so cool. Like you definitely have a really cool room. That is that is awesome. I love that.

Seth:              I should be scared but it’s kind of comforting. 

Rocco:             Now the, the sheets on your bed, is it, is it him with the with the teeth out or is it just with the evil face?


Seth:              I think it’s a bit you know, when he like jumps up out of the coffin and then lands on it. And he’s kind of got like a pose? It’s that close up right there.

Rocco:             Nice.

Seth:              Yeah.

Rocco:             Nice. So, which Pennywise were you a fan of? Were you a fan of the 8, I think it was 1990, like that Pennywise, or the current one?

Seth:              I think it was another one that I kind of like YouTube behind mom and dad’s back. Because I wasn’t going to watch it and kind of get the love for like the character and everything in the story. And then when the new one came out, I was like; ‘Heck yes. Let’s go’. So, watched that, and then that was like my favorite.

Rocco:             Nice.

Seth:              I loved it.

Rocco:             Nice, nice. He was he was creepy in the new movie.


Rocco:             So, uh I mean, and they, they had some pretty, pretty brutal scenes in that movie, too. Especially the very start of the movie when he tears the kid’s arm off. I mean.

Seth:              It was like the perfect way to start a movie.

Rocco:             It was.

Seth:              Awesome. I was like yes.

Rocco:             Exactly. Exactly. I was the same way. I’m, I’m in the movie theater chair, and everyone’s like, giving me like a scared look, and slowly getting up and go into another seat.

Seth:              They’re like; ‘Who is this guy’?

Rocco:             Exactly.

Seth:              Yeah.

Rocco:             And um I also saw you were on set for a TV show that I have been watching a lot; Young Rock. And how it was like…

Seth:              Yeah.

Rocco:             to be on such a big set like, like that?


Seth:              Uh I was on that a few times. It was it was fun. Like I got to see some like, actually, I saw my acting teacher, he had like a guest starring role. So, I was just kind of they put me in this big afro thing. So, I was just looking around the I think [inaudible 18:35]. And I saw my acting teacher and I was like, Hi. So, it was fun. Getting to see people you know, like um acting on it. Um, no, it was cool. I did it a few times. The worst part about it was having to get a COVID test every time I did it.

Rocco:             Yeah.

Seth:              The first time I was on Season One. And it was like right early in COVID. So, like, it was when the tests would go right up your brain.

Rocco:             Mhm.

Seth:              No, but it was really cool.

Rocco:             But so…

Seth:              Projects coming to Australia. So, like, it’s kind of big. So, it was really good to um…

Rocco:             Oh, wow.

Seth:              Yeah.

Rocco:             Now, did you get a chance to actually see The Rock on set or talk to him?


Seth:              No. I was hoping I mean, the younger version, the younger version of him in the show, I saw. And I was like; ‘Oh, that s him’.

Rocco:             Okay.  And um what, what did you like best about work working on the film? The port the portable door?

Seth:              Um, well, that was the one where I was doing prosthetics for like 4 hours every morning. That’s got to be my favorite part. No, getting to watch like all the famous actors do their thing. So, Christoph Waltz, he had a monologue. And he did it like 42 times all throughout the day. Like that man is not retiring anytime soon, he killed that monologue all 42 times and did it different ways every single time. And I was just there in my Goblin makeup just watching him like; ‘Yes’. But no, my favorite part of that film was getting to, um, just be creepy and like, have all that on me. And I felt like Pennywise.

Rocco:             Nice.

Seth:              We’re in a tunnel and I’m like running through tunnels, and it looks like a Pennywise sewer. And I was like; ‘This is just awesome’. And I’ve got this jumpscare bit where I just got to like, run at the camera and scream.

Rocco:             Yes. Nice.

Seth:              Oh, but I’m gonna scare all the little kids in the theater. Because I think it’s kind of a family film, so.

Rocco:             Well, I mean I can see you’re a really big fan of Pen Pennywise and did you did you hear they’re actually doing a TV series now on Pennywise?


Seth:              I gotta get in it.

Rocco:             I, I was just gonna say that you have to find a way to get in there.

Seth:              HBO hire me.

Rocco:             Exactly, exactly. Say you know, all you have to do is like pitch them an idea.

Seth:              Exactly. I’ll just send them a video of me like getting my arm ripped off or something and be like; ‘I’m committed. I’m committed to the art’.

Rocco:             Just you know you should you should do you should film it like sitting in your bed with the Pen Pennywise sheets with the Pennywise figure looking, looking at you and do monologue looking at the Pennywise…

Seth:              I mean my arm is torn off.

Rocco:             figure.

Seth:              What more could they want?

Rocco:             Exactly, exactly. Um for, for you I’m thinking; ‘Get my arm ripped off, I’m dedicated’.

Seth:              Yeah. We’ll do anything in Australia, we’ll do anything.


Rocco:             Okay. And um I’ve seen like I said, I’ve seen a lot of your videos online and with, with you, you, you dancing. You dance to a lot of artists like the Pussycat Dolls and Britt and Britney Spears. And is there any one you love dancing to the most?

Seth:              Hmm. That is a good question. Um, I don’t know. They all got they all have their own kind of flavor. And I guess the choreography that comes with the song. Like sometimes we’ve danced with song and I’m like; ‘Oh, I hate this song’. But then we learn the dance and it just makes it 1000 times better. Like if the choreography is good…

Rocco:             Yeah.

Seth:              I like the song. But you know, I love a good Britney dance or like, pop, upbeat. I’m on stage to just have a good time. So, if it’s a fun upbeat song, I’m like; ‘Whoa’. And then when we do a lyrical where it’s like sad and depressing, I’m like; ‘I didn’t come on stage to be sad and depressed’.

Rocco:             Right? Exactly.

Seth:              Yeah, no.

Rocco:             Yeah, I mean, if, if, if you’re on-stage dancing, you want to feel good. You want to be, be happy. You don’t want nothing to bring your mood down.

Seth:              I actually think the sad dances are so random. Because we do big shows at the end of the year. And you’ve got like, the audience is like; ‘Whoa’, the opening is fire. It’s fun. And then it’ll just go straight into like sad ballet routine.  It’s just kind of depressing.


Rocco:             Yeah, it definitely sounds it.

Seth:              Whoo, oh no. Whoo, oh no.

Rocco:             It definitely sounds it. And um one of the videos I saw you did dancing videos and I thought you did a really great job and it was the Very Brutal Friend. So, and, and, and that’s like a dance video that you actually like made. Like you wrote it and you choreographed…

Seth:              Yeah.

Rocco:             it and everything. So, what in inspired you to write that?

Seth:              Funny story. I really, really hated school. It was like the worst time of my life. So, in year 12, we got to make a dance film project. And I was like; ‘Well, my school doesn’t listen to me when I just go up and yell in their face. So, I may as well turn it into art’. And I did. I made a whole dance film about feeling trapped inside of school and everything. Um and then it got played at the school dance concert in front of all the principals and everything was just, just gold. Um, but yeah, that was really my inspiration. I just wanted to make it arty and respectful, but also at the same time having a massive dig. I didn’t I didn’t want make it respectful. What am I talking about?

Rocco:             You just you just you just wanted all the principals and all the adults that were in the school you wanted them to see that you that you didn’t like it and you’re like; ‘Yeah, this is my way giving you the good finger’.

Seth:              My coping mechanism, I think. Yeah, make a dance film when you’re depressed at school.


Rocco:             Hey, it worked, right?

Seth:              Yeah, I think so.

Rocco:             Um now you got a brand-new dance video that you, you just made and it’s out; chandelier. And um I, I saw the video and it is really, really good. Like, you, you look hot in it.

Seth:              Thank you.

Rocco:             You, you dance really, really, really good. And so like, you look like you’re like really free. Like, you know, like your dance moves in there like real are like free like. So, tell, tell me about making it and, and how, how, how it was?

Seth:              Well, that one I just decided to make like last week. I was just listening to the song and I was like, oh, and I had ideas pop in my head. So, I like got on my laptop, made like a remix to it, made it more danceable. Um and then on Saturday, I filmed it. Um like real stuff, Instagram, so like portrait, that, that was my idea I was gonna do and then I really just hated it all. So, I scrapped that completely. And then on Sunday, me and my dad went over to the shed on the farm, otherwise known as Collier Studios.

Rocco:             Oh, okay.

Seth:              We pulled the tractors out; we sweep up the dirt and put my smart machines in. And then on Sunday, I spent about 4 hours filming it. Um yeah, I set up my tripod, put my camera on it, spent 4 hours filming it. I choreographed it like just like, 3 days ago, yeah. And then I edited it all on the same day. So, it was about 8 hours in the one day that I did it on Sunday. Um and then I posted it on Monday. So, it kind of came together really quick so.


Rocco:             Wow, yeah, it definitely sounds like it.

Seth:              I’m jus I’m really random. So, I just it happens or it doesn’t. Like Very Brutal Friend I spent like months on and then this one I made in a day.

Rocco:             Wow.

Seth:              So yeah.

Rocco:             And like when you’re, you’re making it like that, that, that phase; like you actually you actually know in, in your head like what dance moves that you’re going to do for it for the video?

Seth:              Yeah. I mean, kind of. Or, I just get there and I start randomly moving and, and make good. It’s one of the 2.

Rocco:             Okay. And um like how do you edit your videos? Like what do you what do you use to, to edit them? Because all the videos you made look so great. Like it’s, it’s done well.

Seth:              Um, I literally use iMovie.

Rocco:             Oh, really?

Seth:              I do. I just not I used to do like I used to do YouTube. I was like hesitant to um say that cuz don’t go look at it. Um but I used to do YouTube so I think I learned a lot of editing stuff back then because we put videos out every week; me and my sister. Um I just learned how to use iMovie really, really well so.


Rocco:             Okay, all right. That’s, that’s awesome.

Seth:              I used to use other ones but I don’t understand them.

Rocco:             And like how when, when you’re doing like when you’re on stage like or doing a live like dance, how, how long does it take you to prac practice for the day? Like when, when you, you know you’re going to be on stage live, like do you have to do it for like hours, practice for hours or is it just something you just jump on stage and do?

Seth:              Well, with our grad show which we do at the end of the year at the stock center, or the Gold Coast with my dance school, we usually start about a term and a half in advance, and we train. We create the routine in like a day, and then we train that every, whenever we get a chance. It really depends some routines get lots of training, some get penny. And then it all gets put into a show, and then we do them all onstage in the performance. So, yeah.

Rocco:             Sweet, nice. And I saw on your page, like, and I see you’re wearing the shirt too, like you, you’ve done a lot of done a couple of things; wearing Tommy shirts and stuff. Like, do you model for them? Or like, is it like thing you’re doing with them?

Seth:              Um, no, not for them particularly. Um, I just graduated from being an Instagram ambassador. So, we kind of like dive into all that sort of modeling stuff, and then showing on my act, my dance and stuff. And it’s all just to like, support a safe and like appropriate environment on Instagram and post like positive things. Sorry, I’m dying.

Rocco:             God bless you.

Seth:              And um yeah. So, it’s kind of just like post positive stuff. So, then I just try and look cool in like some Tommy Hilfiger.

Rocco:             Okay, well, you look very cool with it on, you got your chain and everything. Looks great. I like it.


Seth:              Thank you. I usually like rocking.

Rocco:             Um when, when you’re not acting or, or dancing, like what else what else do you like to do in your free, free time? That’s if you ever have any free time.

Seth:              Yeah, my free time I usually sleep.

Rocco:             Okay.

Seth:              Sleep, watch Netflix. You know, that’s boring. Um I live on a farm. So sometimes ride motorbikes and go on the waterslide. We have this waterslide into the river, so.


Rocco:             Oh, wow.

Seth:              My dad my dad got on his bobcat and like, dug into the into the bank. And we were like this big waterside into the river. So that’s fun. Yeah, or I make like, dance films and stuff.

Rocco:             Yeah.

Seth:              So, it’s kind of yeah just creating stuff.

Rocco:             Okay, sweet. Nice. And what kind of songs do you like? Like what kind of, of, of music do you listen to? What’s on your playlist?

Seth:              A bit of everything, but I’m in love with P!nk.

Rocco:             Oh, nice.

Seth:              She is my day one. She was my first concert when I was like 5.

Rocco:             Oh, really?


Seth:              Yeah. I went to her fun house tour. And then I went to school the next day and brought her tour book of her like naked for show and tell in prep. And I was like; ‘Look where I went last night’. And my prep teacher was like she’s like I should bring my mom or something. I had to go with my mom for it. And I was like; ‘It’s P!nk. It’s awesome’. I had an awesome 5-year-old.

Rocco:             Right, exactly. I mean that that’s such a great show for, for someone to go to for their, their very first live concert. Like go and see P!nk. I mean, that’s amazing.

Seth:              It was wild. I think I was in like the background but I was [unsure word 34:06] I think the audience was watching me that more than they were watching her because I was just, I was full going for her. I was living that up. I’ve seen her all 5 times. She, yeah.

Rocco:             Wow. Okay.

Seth:              She’s at the top of my meet list. And maybe dance for her one day. Just…

Rocco:             Yeah, definitely. Is there any P!nk song you like more than then than the others?

Seth:              I guess it’s probably an album I like more.

Rocco:             Alright.

Seth:              One of her old stuff when she was more like Rocky.

Rocco:             Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Seth:              Yeah, but I don’t remember.

Rocco:             Okay. You just love, love P!nk so much that you like all her songs, right?

Seth:              Yes. It’s not a bad song.

Rocco:             Um if you would have to ever sing a song like karaoke or if they ask you when you’re dancing to sing some something while you’re dancing, what song do you think you would choose?

Seth:              Like my go-to karaoke song?

Rocco:             Yeah.

Seth:              Get the Party Started by P!nk.

Rocco:             Nice.

Seth:              Yeah.

Rocco:             Nice. I love it. I love it, that’s awesome.

Seth:              Singing is not my forte. I had to do it in Wicked and like 2 other musicals. I did The Wiz and Anything Goes; had solos in all of them.

Rocco:             Oh wow.

Seth:              So scary. Yeah, it takes like 4 months of prep to sing this one song. And I still see kids in the front row laughing at me like; ‘What is this fellow trying to do’? And then I dance and I’m like; ‘Ha, did you see that’?

Rocco:             Right, exactly. Did you do you ever  do a dance where you’re dressed as the clown as Pennywise and you’re just dancing around as Pennywise?


Seth:              Have you seen it?

Rocco:             No, no. I’m asking if you did it, you did.

Seth:              I’ve done that.

Rocco:             Oh, really?

Seth:              Yeah; with my friend. We did uh Pennywise in little flex, we were actually like one of the first people to do if not the first. And then I started seeing all these Pennywise dances. Ours wasn’t that great. At the time, it was. But now, watching the others, it wasn’t great. But we were the first to do it. But yeah, no, it’s on my Instagram.

Rocco:             Oh, sweet. I’m definitely gonna I’m, I’m, I’m definitely gonna watch it.

Seth:              We actually competed with it at like competitions.

Rocco:             Really?

Seth:              We got first one. Yeah. So, it was it was good.

Rocco:             Oh, wow. That’s real. That’s really awesome. Nice.

Seth:              Funny story. We actually um auditioned for Australia’s Got Talent with the routine, but didn’t make it.

Rocco:             Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Seth:              Did not make it to the judges.

Rocco:             Uh, yeah.


Seth:              We like did the producers like said; ‘You have a VIP audition’. And we were like; ‘Whoa’. We’re gonna do that for them. And they’re like; ‘No’. And I was like; ‘Got it, bye’.

Rocco:             Okay. Has, has, has Simon Cowell ever came on that that that Australia’s Got Talent?

Seth:              I don’t know, surely not. I don’t know.

Rocco:             And um what about gaming? Are you like a fan of, of video games and gaming?

Seth             The only time I’ve ever gamed is probably I finished the Harry Potter game because when I was younger, my dad when I did something wrong, my dad would be like; ‘Alright, go to your room’. And I’m like; ‘No’! But then, as I got older, I learned to cope with it more. So, I’d go to my room and start playing Harry Potter on the Xbox. So, I finished Harry Potter because I’m in my room like that much.

Rocco:             Okay.

Seth:              It’s like the only time I’ve like really gamed. 

Rocco:             Did you did you watch the films too?

Seth:              Harry Potter?

Rocco:             Yeah.

Seth:              Yes. Loved it, classic.

Rocco:             Nice. I, I actually like a it was like, a few, few years back, I, I interviewed Dan Daniel rad, Radcliffe.

Seth:              I didn’t know that.

Rocco:             Yeah.

Seth:              That is so cool. Awesome.


Rocco:             He was he was pushing a horror movie to he. Well, it wasn’t horror, it was more like thriller.  He was pushing.

Seth:              Right.

Rocco:             He was pushing a movie he was doing at the time. And I don’t know how I got them to say yes. But I said; ‘I would love to interview Dan Radcliffe about, about the movie’. And then I didn’t hear back from them. And I emailed them again. And I was like, I was like; ‘I got a big horror fan base and this and that…

Seth:              Yeah.

Rocco:             the thriller horror’. And they said; ‘Alright, yes. You got 15 minutes with him. And that’s it’. I was like; ‘Okay’.

Seth:              How did you do it? Did you like um, was it like on a call? And then you like, typed it?

Rocco:             Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I had to call him up on the phone. And, um, and then, you know, you record it on the phone.

Seth:              Alright.

Rocco:             And then after you’re done talking to him, you have to like, keep playing it and pausing it and playing it and pausing it. It takes a very long time to write out an interview.


Seth:              That’s so cool, though. I saw I saw you also interviewed um William Shatner. Is that the name?

Rocco:             Yeah, yeah…

Seth:              Yeah.

Rocco:             Exactly, yeah. And, and you might like to hear to like Dan Radcliffe is actually a really big horror fan.

Seth:              Really?

Rocco:             Yes, yes. So, if, if, if you ever meet him, you could probably talk horror with him.

Seth:              Absolutely.

Rocco:             And I see you’re I, I don’t know if you’re allowed to talk about this but you’re going to be in a new horror movie called Alice.

Seth:              Yeah. Well, I did that one a while ago as well.

Rocco:             Oh, okay.

Seth:              I heard something about it’s going to be shown overseas.

Rocco:             Got you.


Seth:              And then overseas before here, yeah. So, no anything. Yeah, so hopefully one day I get to see it. Watch that one to see if I die or not as well.

Rocco:             Yes, exactly. I, I, I, I will be watching Alice whenever it comes out and…

Seth:              There is dramatic Wall Top scene in that one.

Rocco:             And, and…

Seth:              Also.

Rocco:             definitely gonna watch your horror short though because I, I, I, I don’t want to see you die, but I, I definitely want to see it though.

Seth:              I don’t know.

Rocco:             And um do you have anything coming up that you want to like plug, like any dance or film or?

Seth:              Not really. I’m thinking about hitting LA soon to uh try and do more acting stuff.

Rocco:             Oh nice.

Seth:              Yeah. So that’s exciting. Um, but no; all my stuff’s really spontaneous. Like next week I could have 4 things happening in one day, but today I’m doing this interview.

Rocco:             Okay, thank you. And where can fans find, find you at? Like, what’s your pages, your social media?

Seth:              My Instagram is just my name Seth Collier just with some underscore in there. Facebook, uh do people still go on Facebook?

Rocco:             I don’t think so.

Seth:              We’ll just my name um yeah.

Rocco:             Sweet. And are you on, on TikTok or anything too?

Seth:              TikTok, also just my name.

Rocco:             Nice.

Seth:              It’s a little bit embarrassing but.

Rocco:   Well, I, I mean you should be a, a big hit on that app because all everyone likes to do on TikTok is dance and you already have them beat because you’ve been dancing a while and you’re, you’re, you’re actually really good at it unlike some of the people I saw on TikTok.

Seth:             Doing my sleep.

Rocco:             Well, I want to thank, thank you again so much for, for waking up this early in the morning, coming on the show, and having your coffee and.

Seth:              Yeah, I hate coffee but I drink coffee.

Rocco:             Again, thanks for doing the show, and definitely have a great night, and great weekend buddy.



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