Official Release of “Family Splatters” Pilot Episode | Watch Now!!

Nick Damage has released the pilot episode of his adult horror-comedy, “Family Splatters”. You can watch it today on or Youtube.

The show focuses on Matthew Silverstein and Roddy Luger: two of the most notorious slasher movie stars of the 1980’s. After a short stint in Hell starting in 1993, Roddy and Matthew are banished to the year 2021 as punishment. Unaware of ways that the world has changed since the 80’s and early 90’s, Roddy and Matthew have to adjust to new technologies, unfamiliar ideas, and new cultural norms around killing people.

The first season will include at least 5 brand new episodes. A launch date has not been settled yet for Season 1, but will most likely begin in late August or early September, with a Halloween special airing in October.


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