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A maniacal clown named Art, terrorizes three young women on Halloween night and everyone else who stands in his way.
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Looking for a flick that features a psychotic clown that goes on a killing spree, features oodles of gore, and some nice nudity, all while paying homage to the golden age of slashers?


Man have I got the flick for you!!


Writer/Director, Damien Leone, brings back the character of Art the Clown, star of his 2011 short of the same name and who was featured in the wraparound segment of his 2013 anthology series “All Hallow’s Eve“. This time, however, our old friend Art get’s to unleash his brand of insanity in his very own two-hour feature!


When the movie starts we are treated to opening credits in the style of early 80’s slashers complete with cheesy dark synth music. he doesn’t stop there though, oh no, the entire film has a sorta grainy cheapness to the picture, just as many of those gems of that magical bygone era so clearly being paid homage to.


Now let’s see, old school opening credits, synth music, and a grainy picture…tricks we’ve all seen. What about the meat and potatoes? I mean, this bitch look’s pretty, but does she deliver where it counts?


Oh yes, yes she does!


Let’s start with the acting, shall we?


Jenna Kanell, Samantha Scaffidi, and Catherine Corcoran play our three unfortunate heroines, and a better-looking bevy of babes you’d be hard-pressed to find. Oh, and they can act too!


The ladies are rounded out by a small but effective cast, but the breakout star here is David Howard Thornton as Art the Clown. David replaces Mike Giannelli, who played art in the two previous films, and he knocks it right outta the fucking park! Every moment he’s on the screen he had my attention. That’s saying something considering he didn’t have ANY dialogue. His ability to go from comedic to downright scary is applause-worthy!


The gore in this one is on full display. We get beheading’s, stabbings, shootings, and one particularly nasty death that’s one for the books. I’ve seen it done before, but not quite like this or as brutal! If you like your horror heaped with catsup you won’t be disappointed!


A homage to early 80’s slashers wouldn’t be complete without some T and A and while we don’t get the amount the classics delivered, we do get Catherine Corcoran’s good’s on display for a bit, which was very nice. I was hoping she’d lose the panties, but ya can’t have it all.


Overall, this was a fun little ditty. The pacing was good keeping thing’s from getting boring, the acting was solid, especially Thornton’s, and I dug the early 80’s slasher style of the film. Throw in some awesome gore effects and Corcoran’s beautiful breasts and you have yourself a fine little piece of horror.


If slashers are your thing, especially those intended to capture the glory of the golden era of the genre, then this one’s for you.


Pennywise got some competition!


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