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Knock Knock, 2015

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Knock Knock

One night can cost you everything.

When a devoted husband and father is left home alone for the weekend, two stranded young women unexpectedly knock on his door for help. What starts out as a kind gesture results in a dangerous seduction and a deadly game of cat and mouse.
20151 h 39 min

A few years ago, a home invasion ended up in a dead dog, a plundered and pillaged, the pricey, (m)ost-modern, cubism-inspired house at a upper-class neighbourhood that belonged to Constantine, forcing him out of retirement and changing professions from a chimney of an exorcist to a super secret killing machine from some ancient government fuc… Cover-up.

Knock Knock, another home-invasion film, once again with Neo’s perfectly (from Google Earth standards) built house and situated in the uppity part of Hollywood, ends up in an opinion that Eli Roth is overrated; notwithstanding the repetition of shots, the dangerous obsession with an infantile urge, blood and B&B. It also ends up in a silly narration; the home-invasion, not being able to make the viewer cringe with its vandalism, obscene graffiti and the fact that the (perfect from Google Earth standards) house is now ground-zero for some heavy wrath brought upon it by two lovely and generous (with nudity and sex) ladies with ambiguous, at best motives. This is after a half-hour of character building.

“Art is Dead”

What’s the point? To watch two sirens shower together, as Johnny Utah fucks their brains out, or the other way round.
“You fucked me, whoa”
“You sucked my cock. (Again) You sucked my fucking cock You bitches, whoa.”
“I tried to help you (with a cab; don’t get any wrong ideas), dude.”

The film is an overblown mess of Roth’s wet-dream gone horribly right. Knock Knock is devoid of any wit and is filled with cliched humour, even when humouring with its silly plot, bad acting, repetitive themes, the inability to arouse sympathy or disgust and direction that is as even a breach of creativity as the willing pair of temptresses want to get with Kevin Lomax. Hoo ha!

This preacher was not impressed, even after a rather horrific revelation on a framed family portrait.

I don’t know man, I was looking forward to The Green Inferno, 2013. I still watched it because it’s Eli Roth and of all the things he is, the gentleman is outrageous; unfortunately the only thing in Knock Knock that gets a reaction from this lone gunman.

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