Louie P OFFICIALLY cast to play a News Anchor in “MASSACRE MANOR”!!

Louie Pizzle (Louie P) is a retired MC and current film actor, producer, and writer. His short film, “Ramel Carter” became a hit with dozens of reaction videos and positive feedback in which the man of the hit film has teased numerous of times about a possible sequel in the makings. His last film was a 9 minute Sci-Fi entitled “Area 51” starring Joey Ambrosini (“Vault” & “The Find”), Anthony Hoang (“The Blacklist” & “Spider-Man: Far From Home”), and Sama Fernands (“Alien Warfare” & “Black Wake”) where he did the voice of Apollo.

But now, he has been cast to play a News Anchor named Jamal Icerd in Keont’e Collins’ “Massacre Manor”! As we know, Joey Ambrosini was the man to cast Louie for the part as he and Louie happen to be close friends. Even when we interviewed him on here, we asked about Joey Ambrosini being in the possible sequel for “Ramel Carter” and Louie said he would love to have Mr. Ambrosini on board. Last article that discussed this film was based upon professional MMA fighter, Nick Serra, being cast for the part of Mick and just as I, Rocky Ciarrocchi, ended that article with a welcome, I would like to end this one by welcoming Louie Pizzle to the cast.

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