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Celebrity Picks: Devon Sawa

Each week Gruemonkey ask’s celebrities from all area’s of entertainment what they’re favorite scary movie are and why. Cause ya know, celebs dig horror too!
This week we have a person who’s fought Death, had his hand possessed, and became a friendly ghost. Star of the Tv series Real detective and the recent film Punk’s Dead: SLC Punk 2, Devon Sawa!
I gotta tell ya, dude has good taste and a good sense of humor!



Devil’s Rejects

The classic Anti-hero ride where you root for the bad guy’s to escape…or was that just me?


Don’t Breath

It doesn’t try to be complicated. Simple story, fast paced.


Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Original)

The OG film that dared to go there.


The Exorcist

Classic mind fuck!


It Follows

A modern day breath of fresh air for the genre.

A Nightmare on Elm Street: Dream Warriors

Gave horror films superheroes!


More fun than scares, but a solid good time.

Return of the Living Dead 2

the first movie to make me say, “What the fuck was that?!” Then watch it ten more times.


The Fly (Cronenberg)

Should be on everyones list!

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