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Celebrity Picks: Awi Suryadi (Badoet and Danur)

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     Today’s Celebrity Picks is Awi Suryadi. Awi is an Indonesian horror filmmaker. I want to give the fans in the United States a chance to get to know some international talent. In my opinion, some of the best horror films are International.  One of the actresses in Awi’s film Danur is in my favorite international horror film Macabre.  Awi started to get known in the USA with his creepy evil clown horror film called Badoet.  If you haven’t seen this one yet, it’s worth it. Go find it and watch it.  Now, he has a great new creepy horror film coming out Danur (I can see Ghosts). It’s an indonesian horror film about a girl who has a friendship with 5 ghosts.  It releases in Indonesia on March 30th.  Read below Awi Suryadi’s Top 8 Favorite Horror Films!!


The Exorcist (1973):

Still the scariest, most vividly depicted possessed scene in cinema to this day. So much more than just a horror flick (one could even call it a religious film), it’s about the eternal battle between evil and innocence. Great performances by all the cast, especially Ellen Burstyn as Linda Blair‘s mother.



The Wicker Man (1973):

A mysterious and chilling crime film, also the best occult thriller (probably) ever. Seeing it many years later after it was originally released, I couldn’t help feeling like I was watching a history lesson orr an unsettling documentary with a chilling realism.




The Shining (1980):

My second most favorite Kubrick’s film after Clockwork Orange, and definitely one of the best roles Jack Nicholson ever played. Every shot is masterfully directed with haunting music and hypnotizing cinematography, way ahead of its time. I must have seen this movie at least a dozen times. 




Gin Gwai (The Eye) (2002):

I remember watching it for the first time on a DVD with my little nephew (he insisted on staying in my room to see it) and he was screaming in tears even after he closed his eyes with both hands during the elevator scene. The Hollywood remake doesn’t live up to the original, of course.




Shutter (2004):

This Thai horror is freakin’ scary. It’s a fun ride with jump-out-of-the-seat moments and then some. Horror fans won’t be disappointed. The Hollywood remake doesn’t do the original justice.




Lat den Rattle Komma In (Let the Right One In) (2008):

Best vampire film I’ve ever seen. It’s thoughtful, well-crafted, tender yet horrifying. A romantic horror literature, a true original work of art!




Somos Lo Que Hay (We Are What We Are) (2010):

It’s a family drama at heart, a very gruesome one. No jump scares here, it’s an atmospheric horror with a compelling story. This is not to say that the movie is without graphic scenes, in fact, it is realistically brutal with unflinching scenes of violence.




What We Do In The Shadows (2014):

A comedy horror is so hard to get right. The filmmakers totally nailed it here. An absurdly funny horror. I laughed and laughed. Then laughed some more. Just when I thought the vampire genre was done to death, this movie manages to lend a brilliant comical bent.



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