Burning Bodies & Production Stills from Human Hibachi 2!!

Human Hibachi 2 offers more octane, more gore, more entertainment, and more fun.  If you loved or hated the first one the second one will make you feel that way even more.  

HH2 is set in the woods, a cannibal family, obsessed with the first HH video, is set out to find the the only two people from the first film still on the loose. If found, they promise to provide them with an elaborate feast set in the forest. 

While staying true to the first movie, HH2 will be different in many ways. Promising more gore and entertainment.  

Filmmaker Mario Cerrito III and Producer Michael Joy have released some wild set pics of a burning body.


Director Mario Cerrito III turns up the gore volume during the latest film shoot for the cannibal sequel, Human Hibachi 2.   We bring you deep into the production with some candid footage not for the faint of heart. 

Somewhere in the woods of South Jersey people are being eaten.  Just ask the cast which includes Giavonna Banner is Michele, Frank Volpe is Steve, Aliyah Batot is Lisa, Nicholas John Brennan is Jacob, Wataru Nishida is Jim, and Matthew Magree is Paul.   

The HH2 crew consists of John Hoehn (second camera, lighting), Gidget Caldwell (FX makeup), Taylor Knaub (Production Assistant), Anthony Cicali III (Production Assistant), and Liam McIntyre (Production Assistant). 

Human Hibachi 2 will be released late 2021 / early 2022, produced by Mario Cerrito III and Michael Joy.  

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