Blind Movie Review by Nicole Kay!!

Hello Grue-Lings,

   Nicole Kay teamed up with Gruemonkey and she did a horror movie review for us. Here is her review of the indy horror film Blind:


Blind directed by Marcel Walz, truly embodies it’s title, and not in a good way. The film is very slow, dry, and takes almost 30 minutes to get the story rolling. 

We’re introduced to Faye, played by Sarah French, a former actress that loses her eyesight through laser eye surgery, and is having difficulty adjusting to her new lifestyle. I found that her performance fell flat with little to no expression throughout the movie. Yes there were several tears but it was few and far in between. Also there were loopholes and questions on how Faye couldn’t perform certain tasks, but somehow manages to light a room and hallway full of candles. 

Faye has two friends to help guide and give her support to her new lifestyle, but refuses to accept it.  Her friends, Sophia, played by Caroline Williams (From Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2), and Luke, played by Tyler Gallant, both added the needed quantities to get this film rolling. 

In the beginning of the story you’re given  snippets of a possible killer and his oddities.  Later in the story you realize he is Faye’s stalker living in her basement, who wears a Ken Doll like mask. The mask is anything but scary, it’s child like. Doesn’t bring fear into the viewer’s eyes. The killings are not shown but left to imagination, which really isn’t that difficult to figure out. 

The film finishes with a cliff hanger leaving you to roll your eyes and pray there isn’t a sequel. 

I rate this movie a 2/10. A 2 was given because although the story line was slow, the acting was poor, and killings were terrible, the movie visually had some beauty to it. 



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