Women of Horror: Sadie Katz (Blood Feast, Hanukkah)!!

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   Today’s Women of Horror is the amazing Sadie Katz. She is a actress, writer, and director. She has been in many horror films including: Bus Party To Hell, Wrong Turn 6, Blood Feast, House of Bad, and Hanukkah. Sadie also played the sweet sensitive, leading lady in “Chavez: Cage of Glory” co-starring Danny Trejo and Steven Bauer. Katz played the starring role in Lifetime’s “The Haunting of Deanna Simpson.” True horror fans were thrilled to see Sadie as “The Goddess Ishtar” in a remake of the classic horror film “Blood Feast” starring alongside Robert Rusler, Caroline Williams and Sophie Monk. On the festival front, Sadie co-stars opposite Academy Award nominee June Squibb and Sean Maher in “The Visit” from director Romina Schwedler, it received “Best Directed Short” by Burbank International Film Festival and is being screening internationally- as well as being an Oscar shorts qualifier.

She was also involved in The Bill Murray Experience” winning several awards in festivals and receiving worldwide distribution with Gravitas Ventures. Katz also wrote the screenplay “Scorned” starring Anna Lynn McCord and Billy Zane released by Anchor Bay, as well as  “Circus Road.” She currently has several feature films in preproduction shooting in the spring and summer.

Sadie Katz told Gruemonkey what it means to her to be a Woman of Horror:


Hmmm… this is a fun question. What’s it mean to be a Woman of Horror to me? There used to be this weird stigma about being a “Scream Queen” back in the day it brought up the image of brainless bimbos with big Tits running thru the forest, tripping over themselves running from a voiceless ax welding psycho. 

Now, thanks to Jamie Lee Curtis, Neve Campbell, Vera Farmiga, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and my good friend Felissa Rose to name a few… you think of Scream Queen and you think of ass kicking heroine. 

Being a woman in horror means being able to handle acting out your greatest fears on screen, throw in some humor, cry like a mother fucker on cue and look somewhat sexy doing it. There’s also a somewhat duty to interact with your fans because without them you’re nothing because they’re just the most loyal fans around. When it comes to selling hard copy DVD’s and Blu-Rays other than the studio features nothing else really sells but horror films so geez we are lucky to have the fans we do. 

Lastly, being a women in horror means being half dressed under a robe at 3am in a fake cemetery with smog machines rolling 60 crew all bundled up from head to toe in winter gear because it’s 30 degrees out and the wind is whipping around and your head wardrobe comes to take your robe away and your whole body is shaking beyond belief-yet there’s no other place you’d rather be then there filming that movie and praying the fans like the film. 

Thanks for watching. We ladies all love you.


-Sadie Katz


Be sure to check out Sadie in upcoming horror films: Hanukkah, Automation, and Circus Road. Follow Sadie on Instagram @sadiekatz








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