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Hellter’s Top 8 Asian Horror Films!!

Hello my Grue-Lings,
     One of my favorite kind of horror is Asian horror films.  Asian horror films are so important to the horror world. They are creepy as fuck and most of them always have a vengeful ghost. Some are evil, sick and twisted with tons of gore and are too disturbing to watch. Watch Muzan-E and Gozu and you will know what I’m talking about.  I almost even had a hard time getting through those films, and that’s saying something. American film makers love Asian horror films so much that they have re-made a ton of them including: The Ring, The Grudge, The Eye, Shutter, One Missed Call, and numerous other films. Samara crawling out of a tv and well still gives me the creeps. All in all, Asian horror films are creepy and disturbing and I love them.  I have put together my top 8 favorite Asian horror films.  I will also include some Asian horror films that didn’t make the list but are worth checking out. The name of the film will be highlighted in this grue green color, click it and it will take you to the trailer.   Let me know what you all think and if you like the list.  


8. Dumplings

Bai Ling does an amazing job in this movie. I love to eat dumplings (they are so good), but after watching what happens when Bai Ling makes these dumplings, I don’t thinkIi want to eat them anymore. (laughs). Bai makes these special dumplings to restore youth for clients (she perform abortions as well).  This is a sick film, but very good. This is a must-see for any true horror fan who appreciates Asian horror films.



7. Rigor Mortis

This is a Hong Kong horror film. A man moves into to an apartment building that is haunted. One of the people that live there is a retired Vampire Hunter and together they must battle the supernatural forces in the apartment building to make it safe again.  This is a really good horror flick with some action and scary scenes. Possessions and ghosts.  This is a must add to any list.



6. Coming Soon

This film is about a guy named Shane who works in a movie theater and he promises to get his hands on a bootleg tape about a vengeful spirit of a crazed village woman who was hanged after kidnapping and blinding children. Ouch. After watching the movie, he thinks that she is real and coming out of the movie into real life to haunt him and the people in his life.  It’s a creepy ghost film. I would not want to see a movie and get haunted by a crazy vengeful ghost.



5. Badoet

Clowns have been terrorizing people for a long time.  There is something about them that scares the shit out of people.  This clown is no different.  He is very creepy looking and very disturbing to watch in this movie. If you love clown horror films, then you will really like this one a lot.  It’s about three children that are found dead and some college students decide to investigate it. Then find drawings of this creepy clown and realize that this clown entity is the reason behind the deaths. Then soon realize that this clown wants something more than to kill them, it wants immortality.



4. The Shock Labyrinth

This is a movie that I really love. It’s so creepy and good. Shock Labyrinth is a movie about a young lady who disappeared while playing with her friends. 10 years later she shows up and wants them to hang out with her again.  But it’s not for a friendly visit. She wants them to remember what happened 10 years ago and she wants them to pay.  I love the haunted house atmosphere that they have in this movie. A lot of creepy shit, it makes you feel like its Halloween time and you want to go to a haunted house.  Even has a creepy bunny doll that hatches open.  This is a film from the director of Ju-On The Grudge.



3. Ju-On: The Grudge

This is one of my favorite horror films.  This one is better then the American Grudge. I love Buffy, and I was happy she was in the American Grudge. But I still prefer the Japanese version better, Ju-On: The Grudge.  The little kid creeps me the fuck out.  He is so creepy looking and just appears out of nowhere sitting in dark corners and sounded like a cat.  If that isn’t creepy enough, you have his mom whose neck is broken and all she does is crawl around making that very eerie creepy sound.  All in all, this film has a lot of scary moments and jump scares.  This film was so popular that it had so many sequels and American re-makes.



2. Ringu (Ring)

Ringu is so much more scarier and better than the American Ring.  Blows it out of the water.  I do like the American Ring, don’t get me wrong. I even liked Ring 2 and loved Rings.  But Ringu is way creepier.  Ringu, as you all know by now, is about a young girl who is in a cursed video tape.  When you watch the video, you get a phone call that you will die in 7 days. She can appear anywhere, from wells to coming out of a tv.  This is one video I will never watch because I don’t want to die let alone be murdered by this creepy girl.  Screw that shit.



  1. Macabre    

Macabre is an Indonesian horror film. It’s basically the Indonesian version of Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  But believe it or not, this film is much more disturbing, bloody and fucked up then Texas Chainsaw is.  That’s saying a lot to what kind of film this is.  So much blood.  This is one of the goriest films I have ever seen in my life. Not only is it extremely gory, but the movie is so disturbing and twisted.  Her family is blood thirsty crazy warped cannibals that love to eat people and babies,  who follow her every wish and command.  If you are ever thinking, is there a really sick film out there that I haven’t seen yet, well, you found it. Macabre!!  My favorite Asian horror film of all time!!

Thank you for reading my list of the Top 8.  Below is going to be a big list of other Asian Horror films that I really love.  Just click on the name of the film and it will take you to the trailer.

Three Extremes

Ghost of Mae Nak

Ghost Bell

Ghastly aka Gisaeng Spirit

Corpse Party

The Long Weekend

Dead Sign

Takut: The faces of fear

Dead Waves


Kakurenbo: Hide and Seek

The Cat

Yoga Class

The Red Shoes

Phobia 2

Chinese Black Magic

The Road


Dark Water

Battle Royale


I saw the Devil


The Host

Ichi the Killer

The Eye



Ghost Train

Shake Rattle and Roll 12

Wishing Stairs

Tales of Terror from Tokyo

Tokyo Gore Police

Meatball Machine

Feng Shui

Junji Ito

Meat Grinder



The Haunted Apartment

One Missed Call

Death Tube


The Victim

Red Eye


The Wig

A Tale of Two Sisters


The Heirloom

Pulse (Kairo)

Last Summer


The Maid



Rule #1



Body #19

Someone Behind You

Dead Friend

The Ghost

Ab-Normal Beauty

The Cut

Into the Mirror

The Voice


House (1977)


Suicide Club




Ebola Syndrome

Lesson of Evil

Over Your Dead Body

Yakuza Apocalypse 

The Doll Master

The Swimmers

Cold Fish



Train to Busan

The Wailing

Sadako vs Kayako

Death Note

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