Does anyone else feel like Chucky was more of a Victim in Child’s Play Remake??

Hello Grue-Lings.

   I went to go see the new Child’s Play movie over the weekend with my partner in crime Ani. Ani already did a review of the movie that you can read on Gruemonkey. I won’t give you a movie review, but I want to share some thoughts with all of you. 

I actually felt bad for Chucky in this movie. In the original Child’s Play, you don’t feel bad for Chucky because he is pure evil, as he has the soul of a serial killer in him. But this new Chucky is actually good until people start messing with him. When Andy’s mom brings home the Good Guy Doll, Chucky is different from the other Good Guy Dolls. The doll maker and programmer in Vietnam erases all his commands and Chucky is basically learning everything for the first time with Andy. 

Chucky is actually like a baby or young child. Andy is the first human he comes in contact with and all Chucky wants is a best friend till the end. Don’t we all want that? A good friend who stands by you thick and thin threw all the good times and bad. A friend who always has your back? Well, that’s what Chucky wants too. You see Andy and Chucky bond in the movie and Andy teaches Chucky some things in life. And as a good friend, Chucky looks out for Andy and don’t want anybody to hurt him. 

You see Andy making new friends in the apartment building he leaves at. When he makes those new friends, Chucky feels neglected and sad. I’m sure we all know how that feels, when you think someone is your friend and they stab you in the fucking back to be with new friends. Or if your in a circle of friends and you still feel like the lone wolf because you don’t feel like they notice you or want you around.  I know those feelings and that has happened to me a lot. You do everything for your friend, you try to cheer him up, make him feel better when he’s sad and they still turn on you.  So I feel for Chucky in this movie and I have been in the same situation wanting to find a best friend. 

After Chucky and Andy bond, Andy finds friends and dumps Chucky. You even see in one scene when they are all watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. Andy and his friends are loving the movie and they are laughing and having a good time watching people get butchered and killed on screen. Chucky sees that and thinks it’s normal to kill since he see’s his best friend enjoying it. He don’t know any better. 

Andy’s mom’s bf who is married with a wife and kids has a big fight with Andy. Andy is crying in his room and Chucky is concerned for his best friend and Andy says he hates him and wishes he was gone. So Chucky wants to make his best friend happy and kills the guy. The guy was a creep anyway. Nobody felt bad for him getting murdered by Chucky. 

Chucky really don’t turn evil till after Andy and his friends kill him. Luckily the building guy in the basement brings Chucky back to life, but once that happens, Chucky is pissed now and wants revenge and just wants to kill. He was driven to it by Andy. I felt bad when Andy sings The Buddi Song to Chucky at the end and Chucky remembers how much he loves Andy and don’t kill him. Then Andy, the cop, and his mom all team up and kill Chucky. I felt bad for Chucky. I think he was victim of Andy in this movie. Let me know what everyone else thinks about this?




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