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Deborah Voorhees tells Gruemonkey about being a Woman in Horror!!

Hello Grue-Lings,

Gruemonkey is going to honor this amazing remarkable woman in horror.  Her name is Deborah Voorhees. She is very busy and does a lot in the entertainment world. Besides being a actress, Deborah shoots indie films and music videos. She also shoots live concerts and theatrical and dance stage productions. She directs and writes screenplays to. Deborah is a journalist, filmmaker, writer, editor, producer, director, Horror Scream Queen, and former Playboy Bunny. Wow, that’s a lot. I’m out of breathe just talking about this. She is best known as Tina from Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning. With a last name of Voorhees, you are meant to be in a Jason film. Just saying. She also was in the popular tv series Dallas. She wrote, directed, produced and starred in Billy Shakespeare.  Below is Deborah Voorhees telling Gruemonkey what it means to her to be a Woman in Horror.



I am the accidental woman of horror. When I was working as an actress, for some reason directors and producers had a deep desire to kill me. Most know I was killed with garden shears through the eyes in Friday the 13th V, but I also had my throat slashed in Innocent Prey and stabbed in the chest in Appointment with Fear. For someone who refuses to watch horror movies alone, my friends found it funny that I had found this niche in the horror world. The truth is there is nothing scary about being in a horror movie. You’re surrounded by a crew. Things get scary in the editing room: jump scares are cut in; monsters’ steps creeping up on their victims are added in, and then the scariest thing of all is added in the MUSIC. After leaving acting, I never imagined that I would continue in horror one day.



I left Hollywood, went to college, became a journalist at several publications but mostly with The Dallas Morning News and then taught British and American Literature and journalism in high school. Once I began making films, I shot art films about Shakespeare and such. It was the fans who brought me back to my roots in horror. It started with fans talking me into seeing this or that horror film and in time I began to enjoy the adrenalin rush that the fans of horror loved so much. That’s when I decided it was time to explore horror as a filmmaker. Today, I have two horror films on my roster: a horror comedy about a serial killing socialite and a horror thriller that will star some Friday the 13th favorites.



The original question was “What is it like to be a woman of horror?” I don’t know. It is probably very similar to being a man in horror except that women are asked to be more sexual than men, but hopefully, more filmmakers will one day understand that women like beefcake, too. If you think only men like to see nudity, YOU ARE YOUR GRANDFATHER! Trust me women love six-pack abs and a taunt butt too and frankly like a nice Penis. No men and women aren’t really that different. Trust me I have had WAY too many late-night girl chats to believe differently. Hugs and kills to all.  See you at the movies.



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