Joey Ambrosini wants to plan a 10 year reunion premiere for Panther Homecoming!!

Joey Ambrosini graduated Masuk High School in 2020 after coming out with a successful documentary he produced along with Rocky Ciarrocchi known as Panther Homecoming. The documentary was supposed to have a huge premiere at Masuk High School. However, the pandemic jeopardize those plans.
“This premiere event was going to be huge. Like, mind blowing. I’m talking about every single seat in that auditorium filled. It’s just so unfortunate that we had to cancel those plans due to something out of our control” Ambrosini said.
But, the documentary was fortunate enough to get a virtual premiere on YouTube.
“We held a premiere event on YouTube which was relieving for myself and those who helped create it with me because when the pandemic hit, we feared that the documentary would have never been released and that would have been a frustrating and depressing moment because it was not only something we worked hard to produce but it was also filled with memories that the football team could have looked back at when they graduated.”
Joey then started to get into detail about how he wants to sort of keep the documentary alive by having everyone come back together to watch it in the future.
“I honestly thought about what it would be like if nine years from now, which would make a ten year reunion for when the documentary released, we had a premiere held at Masuk High School. Perhaps a red carpet, a great group of special celebrity guests (laughs), and just the chance to watch a great memory.”
What are the chances for 2030?

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