DEMON VEGAN & GEMINI CROW HOT SAUCE are proud to announce the release of the latest in a series of spicy elixirs from the original Jason Voorhees, Ari Lehman, from the iconic horror franchise ‘Friday the 13th’FIRST JASONs HEAT MY WARNING.

   2020 saw the horror community celebrate the 40th anniversary of arguably the most popular & iconic franchise in horror movie history, Friday the 13th. In partnership with Gemini Crow Hot Sauce, Ari Lehman under the banner, FIRST JASON, released, FIRST JASONs ’40’ ; a majestic hybrid of sweet and heat. 

   With 2020 now behind us, GEMINI CROW / DEMON VEGAN have re-imagined ‘FIRST JASONs ’40’, promising the same devastating blend of sweet & heat, under the new moniker, FIRST JASONs HEAT MY WARNING. Peaches, molasses, & honey provide a serenity that can be experienced as while walking lakeside on a clear-skied summer night. Then the heat arrives which some describe the pain to imagining what a machete to the throat may feel like…Heed our warning, FIRST JASONs HEAT MY WARNING in the best (and worst) of both worlds!

‘FIRST JASONs HEAT MY WARNING is the 5th in the DEMON VEGAN / GEMINI CROW line of hot sauces, following ‘SLASHER SAUCE’, ‘BLOOD OF THE LAKE’, and the two limited releases, ‘SLASHER SAUCE – PART 2′ & ’40’.
The entire FIRST JASON HOT SAUCE line is available in unsigned & autographed (by Ari Lehman) editions at

Get your FIRST JASON Ha-Ha-Hot Sau-Sau-Sauce Now!!!


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