Check out Matthew Maio Mackay’s Queer horror short Tooth 4 Tooth!!

The streets have always been dangerous for those who are hated and misunderstood. Chris and his fellow drag artists know this only too well. As if the constant harassment from a new group of street preachers in the city wasn’t threatening enough, people are beginning to be found murdered with the victims’ bodies being drained of blood. When a friend is killed, Chris begins to suspect that the street preachers are involved. He’s not the only one on the case – Dove, an activist who post videos of the street preachers’ abuses online, is following them too. Things are not what they seem in the city at night, as the two find themselves caught in the middle of an ancient war between those who feed on the blood of the fearful and those who feed on the blood of the hateful. Nothing will be the same again.



Matthew Maio Mackay is an award winning film-maker based in Adelaide, South Australia. In 2018 Matthew acquired the rights to adapt a Stephen King thriller short story, A Tale of the Laundry Game. The sixteen minute short was accepted into the 2019 international festival, Monsterfest and premiered at the GU Film House at cinemas in Adelaide and Melbourne, before the Australian feature ‘Two Heads Creek’. In 2019, the film was also accepted as a finalist in the Lift Off festival, the international Jason Blum funded 13 Horror Fest, as well as The Best Shorts Competition, where it also won an award of excellence, special mention. The film also won best cinematography, editing and directing in the international Southern Shorts film festival, as well as being a finalist in the Los Angeles Film Awards. His recent short film, ‘Love and Blood’ which he co-wrote and directed was accepted into the 2020 Lift-Off festival. It is currently doing the festival circuit. In 2018, he also co-wrote, directed, and edited the live action short horror movie, ‘Smothered’, which was accepted into the 2019 Lift-Off international Film Festival. Matthew was also a SA finalist in the 2017 International Silent Short Film Festival.

Matthew has a number of other projects underway including a short film that stars Greg Sestero (The Room, Best F(r)iends and author of The Disaster Artist, which was adapted into an Academy nominated film). Another project going into production next month titled ‘Tooth 4 Tooth’, a queer vampire film also features cameos from Drew Droage (Heathers, writer on Netflix’s AJ and the Queen, Bob’s Burgers) and Phil Nichol (BAFTA nominated Monty Python Biopic and ETAJ). He has also previously worked with Brennan Mejia (Gregg Araki’s Kaboom, Red Power Ranger, Supergirl), Cori Gonzalez-Macuer (Taika Waititi’s What We Do in the Shadows), Lucy Barrett (The Wrong Girl, Neighbours, Emo the Musical), Carter Jon (Netflix’s Everything Sucks) and Brennan Murray (You’re the worst, Video Game High School, Netflix’s Captain Underpants) on his previous films.

He has been interviewed for the Advertiser, Film Ink, Cinema Australia, Glam Adelaide, Netherlands Stephen King Magazine and Radio Adelaide. Matthew’s work is produced under his own business, One Manner Productions.





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