Stranger Things making it’s way to Dead by Daylight!!

Global publisher 505 Games, in partnership with developer Behaviour Interactive, has a new trailer for a new edition to Dead by Daylight Nightmare Edition – available exclusively at retail in North America for PS4 and Xbox One.

At a slashed price of $39.99, the Dead by Daylight  Nightmare Edition features:

The award-winning Dead by Daylight original game and three spine-chilling chapters such as the “Curtain Call” chapter, “Shattered Bloodline” chapter and new “Stranger Things” chapter, which includes Steve, Nancy and the terrifying Demogorgon!
The Headcase Cosmetic Pack which offers players fashionable hairstyles and accessories to style their favorite would-be survivor
Four Terrifying Add-Ons:
The 80s Suitcase
The Bloodstained Sack
Of Flesh and Mud
The Spark of Madness




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