LGBT Short horror film Payment is on Alter!!

In a remote motel room. Stephen undergoes a protective ritual. A knock at the door interrupts him. It’s the Salesman, coming to collect Stephen’s long-owed debt: his soul. His feelings for Stephen, unnatural for an inhuman being, prevent him from doing so. Though he shares these feelings, Stephen makes a desperate choice and frees himself from eternal suffering – but damns himself to a lifetime of guilt.



ALTER, a division of global content studio Gunpowder & Sky, is the first premium horror entertainment brand that reaches fans across all platforms, giving voice to emerging, diverse and established filmmakers.

Gunpowder says: We’ve got a huge range of cinematic horror shorts from across the globe and across the sub-genres that scare and intrigue in equal measure. We have curators in LA, Austin, NY and London, looking for the shorts that explore the everyday threats, primal fears and modern anxieties of life through the horror lens and encourage conversation on our social platforms.

Launched in August and with a growing fanbase, ALTER is available on multiple platforms including YouTubeFacebook, Instagram, and their own website



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