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Women of Horror: Kelsey Roberts (Cruel Midnight)!!

Talented actress and model Kelsey Roberts. She is known for her role in Cruel Midnight. She tells us at Gruemonkey what it means to her to be a Woman of Horror:



I’m in horror and modeling because I have a serious genetic disorder that impact the connective tissue in my body severely… I suffer from serious organ problems up to and including acute respiratory failure, GI tract paralysis and ruptures; cardiac arrest and all of my major joints dislocate … so on top of being terminally ill I’m in agony often

I was a lawyer before I got too sick to work. I’m disabled now… being in horror films and modeling gives me the chance to be creative and meet new people.

I also have recently completed a deal to host the show Cracked Eggs on I will be featuring the best of KC in entertainment and also politics













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