Marisa Valente Added To The Cast Of The TV Series ‘Witches Of The Hollow’!!

Marisa Valente is no stranger to the world of television. The actress has appeared in numerous of hit television shows such as Law & Order and The Cobblestone Corridor. The actress was just announced by creator Carly Starr to play a role in Witches of the Hollow. This TV series is set to shoot in fall 2022 with other fantastic actors and actresses such as Joey Ambrosini (Johnny & Clyde), Amber Leanne Rothberg (Little Women), Domenic Arduino (The Society), Nicholas Trotto (The Unholy), Kayla Kohla (The Polka King), and much more. Carly Starr is producing the series with Luke St. Germaine (Final Girl) and Joseph McGee (Elizabeth Carter).

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