CLIMATE OF THE HUNTER – New Trailer! Theatrical – Dec 18, 2020 | On Demand – Jan 12, 2021!!

The highly anticipated new film from indie auteur Mickey Reece, stylish vampire feature CLIMATE OF THE HUNTER will be released in virtual and physical theaters – including L.A, Philadelphia, Oklahoma, Winchester, Columbus and more – December 18 followed by an On Demand and Digital release January 12, 2021.

Markets include Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Oklahoma City, Winchester, Columbus and more to be announced!
December 18, 2020

iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Xbox, Vudu,  Direct TV, Dish Network and all major cable providers.
January 12, 2021

Dark Star Pictures has acquired critically acclaimed indie auteur Mickey Reece’s award-winning and super stylish vampire feature Climate of the Hunter. The film, lauded by critics as a “gloriously quirky cinematic feat” (Rue Morgue) and “an instant cult classic” (Film Freak Central), releases in select theaters this December ahead of an On Demand release January, 2021.

Two sisters, Alma and Elizabeth, along with a dog who’s described as a “philosopher,” have come to Alma’s remote house to reconnect with Wesley after twenty years. Alma is recently divorced, Elizabeth is a workaholic in Washington, D.C., while Wesley lives in Paris dealing with a wife recently struck with a fatal disease. When the three come together for dinner it has all the makings of a lovely adult melodrama about loneliness, and the desire to connect and share our lives with someone… but we must add to the mix one otherworldly piece of information: Wesley could be a vampire.

Ginger Gilmartin, Mary Buss, Ben Hall, and Jacob Ryan Snovel star in a Mickey Reece (Arrows of Outrageous Fortune, Mono) film.
Climate of the Hunter is in select theaters December 18 and On Demand January 12, 2021.







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