Incision Movie Review by Nicole Kay!!

Incision review:


In a world full of botox, fillers, hair extensions, and plastic surgery, we’re all striving to be the better looking version of ourselves, whether we think we have flaws or not. Incision, directed by Ali Zamani and written by Chris Kato, opens when a doctor shows one of his patients his beautiful work, instead the women is horribly scarred and disfigured. Her screams echos the room leaving us to be introduced to introduced to our main character(s)

One named Alexa Landry played by Korrina Rico, who is a Beauty Blogger. Her biggest fear is plastic surgery. Lucky for her that’s what this film is about, surprise surprise. 

She and her friends, Matt (Lee Kholafai), Becca (Caylee Cowan), Trinity (Olga Safari), Calvin (Jonathan ‘Lil J’ McDaniel), Chase (Kev Adams), and Kenny (Tristian Tales) ultimately have to face this fear when they’re kidnapped by a deranged plastic surgeon named Dr. Gene Cunningham, played by James Allen Brewer, who is obsessed with making his victims beautiful, or what he deems beautiful. 

The story is a little slow to start and kind of leaves you wondering where the story is going. It isn’t until we’re introduced to Dr. Cunningham, his weird family, and creepy house that the story really picks up from there. This movie isn’t really for the faint of heart who can’t watch plastic surgery. But if you want good gore and can wait a little over half of the movie to get there, then it’s for you. 

Overall the movie had entertaining parts and I would rate it a 6/10. The acting, some were a hit and others were a miss, if it wasn’t for the deranged Dr. Cunningham and his wickedly gruesome surgeries, it would of been a flop. Either way I’ll end with a little advice, Don’t get blood on the mad surgeon’s shoes! 


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