They Reach review by Nicole Kay!!

They Reach Review:


They Reach directed by Sylas Dall, starring a lead trio of friends gives off a mixture of The Goonies and Stranger Things Vibes. 

The film takes place in the small town named Clarkson during the year of 1979. A girl named Jessica Daniels played by Mary Madaline Roe, unknowingly comes across a possessed tape player, becomes marked, and opens a door to allow a dark entity to plague the town. 

The dark entity slowly but surely starts to pick apart the town and drag each person to hell. Jessica joined by her two friends Cheddar, played by Eden Campbell, and Sam, played by Morgan Chandler, work together to try and bring an end to the demonic infestation. 

The film was funny, witty, and entertaining, but If you’re looking for your classic jump scares, don’t expect too much from this film.  It’s lacking in that department. The kill scenes and the dark entity’s hands had cheesy special effects, at times. But overall effective for a low budget film. 

The acting is a mixture of both great and not so great, at points sometimes leaving dialogues to last longer than expected. The lead trio definitely stole the show, especially Cheddar, played by Eden Campbell, she’s the comic relief and did an excellent job at it. 

One of the major highlights of the film was the score and it definitely catches the viewer and brings 70s nostalgia. 

I’d rate this movie a 7/10. Although it wasn’t overly terribly or amazing, it was still fun to watch. 




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