Human Hibachi – Banned from Amazon, but available directly to fans on Oct 23!!

HUMAN HIBACHI is available by video on-demand this October 23rd exclusively on the HUMAN HIBACHI website.  The anticipation is over to watch the movie deemed too EXTREME to be watched on Amazon.

A man documents his girlfriend’s 35th birthday on his phone. What he captures throughout the night are the most disturbing human acts imaginable.

“So when I made this film, I knew some of the stuff that I put in it might exclude us from platforms like Amazon, however, I wanted to see my vision through so I wasn’t going to let that hold me back. The main goal was to make something different… something that will be remembered and I’ll take that over being rejected by a platform any day.” – Director, Mario Cerrito

Watch Human Hibachi Exclusive at 
(Release Date: October 23, 2020

Mario Cerrito and his team are currently working a new horror movie, “The House in the Pines”.



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