Gruemonkey’s Grue Rume Interview with Arthur Hiou (Honest Thief, The Vault)!!

Hello Grue-Lings,

  Today we have a very nice and super funny special guest, his name is Arthur Hiou.

Arthur Hiou was born and raised on Boston’s North Shore, where he was bitten by the acting bug very young, and landing the lead role in a Christmas Play as Tweedle Dee at age 8. He was able to overcome his shyness as a young boy and teen, by playing sports which helped his confidence as an actor and singer in high school and college years. Arthur had a weekly radio show on his college’s station, WSFR at Suffolk University, and also interned at Arnold and Company Advertising, writing radio commercials and working in the creative department developing concepts and voice overs. 

He worked in NYC on the Martin Scorsese film The Irishman, as the manager of Umberto’s. Having the opportunity to be directed by Scorsese was a dream come true. Arthur also worked as a Wise Guy in a film called Vault starring Theo Rossi, Clive Standen, Chaz Palmintieri, Don Johnson, William Forsythe, Joey Ambrosini, and Vincent Pastore, directed by Tom DeNucci and produced by Verdi Productions.

As a playwright, Arthur recently wrote, directed and starred in the short comedic play “The Brothers Johnson” with Billy Porter and Mike Messier at Bar Stool Stories in Boston. The Brothers Johnson follows conjoined twins Artie and Willy as they spend a night out on the town, addressing the unique problems they encounter with their differing sexualities. Arthur also just finished writing a stage play called The Last Betrayal, which he’s now turning into a screen play. 

In recent years, Arthur has been involved in and worked on several major films, independent films, TV shows, commercials, and music videos as an actor, double and stunt man. He has worked in scenes with Mark Wahlberg, Mel Gibson, John Lithgow, Kevin Bacon, John Goodman, Johnny Depp, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Joel Edgerton, Frank Grillo and Robert DeNiro. He has been directed by Martin Scorsese, Ben Younger, Scott Cooper, Antoine Fuqua, Franke Shaw, Ben Affleck, Paul Feig, James DeManaco, and Tom Denucci. He can be seen in the 2020 film Honest Thief. Here is our interview with Arthur Hiou:
















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