Joey Ambrosini comments on Robert Pattinson in “The Batman” 2021 Trailer!!

Joey Ambrosini is a young actor who was inspired by Christian Bale who is very well known for his many outstanding roles including billionaire playboy masked vigilante, Bruce Wayne aka the Batman. Bale is known to be the top Batman and Joey has stated numerous of times how much he loved his performance in the Dark Knight trilogy by Christopher Nolan:

“Christian is just a fantastic actor who can do anything. But to me and many many others, he is the true Batman. Many people admired Michael Keaton or Ben Affleck, but I think it’s fair to say Bale topped every single one of them. He was just so intense and the one who knew how to be the Batman that’d strike fear into the criminals walking on the streets of Gotham City.”

But now, we have Robert Pattinson playing the masked vigilante. One thing Joey had not stated much is how much he hated the idea of the filmmakers casting Robert for the part:

“I protested. I protested very much. I mean, as much as I always thought Robert is a solid actor, I protested very hard. It was just so hard to comprehend the thought of why they’d even consider him.”

But on August 22nd, a trailer for the upcoming movie was released, courtesy of DC FANDOME, and Ambrosini reacted differently:

“In Retrospect, I was impressed with what I saw in the trailer. I do think though the symbol on the suit is a little different, and not the good different, but when I heard Robert say as Batman that he is vengeance, I was like ‘Whoa’ (Laughs). But however, it’s still a shocker he was even considered but I guess it doesn’t matter now because now I know the film isn’t going to be as bad as I thought when he was first cast.”

The film is set for a 2021 release and we at Gruemonkey are excited to hear more about further news.

Link to trailer:


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