“Panther Homecoming” Critic reveals Joey Ambrosini did NOT enjoy being in Joe Romanelli’s 9 minute “Area 51”!!

First of all, we at Gruemonkey would like to thank Tavon Myers (TM 161) for his kind words and amazing feedback on “Panther Homecoming”. Tavon Myers is a film critic who reviews films on his YouTube channel who not only reviewed the documentary but the 9 minute Sci-Fi short, “Area 51”, directed by Joe Romanelli of R. Films and Joey Ambrosini played the main role of Michael Smith. Myers had nothing but great things to say about the film or the documentary but apparently, he and Joey spoke once when Joey sent him the link to the documentary for Myers to watch. Myers said towards the end of the documentary review speaking to Ambrosini saying, “I know you said it [“Area 51”] did not go so well.” There has also been word from Ambrosini speaking to other people and he once said something to us at Gruemonkey about his reaction:

“I mean, I am always excited to keep my experience growing but that film [“Area 51”] had absolute poor directing. I do not even know what I was thinking in saying yes. Not to mention on our last film day, which was super long and it was super cold outside, we were filming the scenes where we fight the aliens but then something happened where the footage was nowhere to be found. I don’t know, I could be false. I mean, I don’t know anything about camera and film editing (laughs). But this was a film about aliens, without any aliens. I truly regret being apart of that film or whatever Joe Romanelli calls it, but I do hope that R. Films learns something from the outcome: to better their work (laughs)!”

Joey Ambrosini also said that the producer of the 9 minute film, Zachary Maxwell Turner, offered Ambrosini a role in a different film he and Romanelli are planning to put together and Ambrosini declined and that was the last they ever heard from each other.


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