Panther Homecoming Premiere OFFICIALLY CANCELLED due to COVID-19!! | Gruemonkey

We have received very unfortunate news that the Masuk High School football documentary “Panther Homecoming” has officially been cancelled due to the Coronavirus. One of the producers, Joey Ambrosini, had spoken about this sad update:

“This Coronavirus has cost me one of the biggest moments in my high school years. We planned for this premiere to happen May 1st with a big red carpet show followed by the showtime of a lifetime. But as for a YouTube release, we are trying to look into releasing the documentary on YouTube for the date the premiere event was supposed to take place as a treat to everyone who was looking forward to seeing this. I just wish I can reach out to every individual that was apart of the cast and the football team and tell them how sorry I am. Reason being for this hard decision is because time has never been on our side. We were planning to release details exactly one month in advance about the premiere. However, all Masuk students are taking online classes until this whole thing dies down but I don’t think we will make it for the premiere. I mean, when the ‘Panther Brawl’ premiere was set, details were released two weeks before the event and very few people showed up. It was a crappy documentary anyway (laughs). But as a proud producer of ‘Panther Homecoming’, I refuse to give up on a YouTube release as I have no control over the premiere being cancelled. So my message to all the people who have supported this, we do not want to see anyone get let down and I’m sorry about this bad news.”

We at Gruemonkey can only keep our spirits high for this documentary as Rocky Ciarrocchi was a producer as well. Ambrosini mentioned that as a treat, he is looking into releasing the documentary on YouTube for May 1st, which is when the premiere date would have been. Best of luck!


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