Linda Hamilton speaks up about Terminator: Dark Fate!!

Linda Hamilton had this to say about Terminator: Dark Fate Opening scene:

upset a lot of people and a lot of the fan base who just think that it has to remain true to the first two stories. The whole concept of Terminator, that John Connor is the hope for the future of mankind and then to have him cut down like that.”



She also said this about the film:

really hard to watch on every level and just the way that she fought. She was an actress and a good actress in her own right, but not Sarah Connor and I had very little control over how she performed. I did step it up right away and say “no, no, no, no, no you can’t just toss her aside! She’d get back up, you can’t just hold Sarah, you know she’d be biting, scratching, elbowing, grabbing his arm.”

I remember telling the stunt man and this woman that you’ve got to fight harder, this is your son that he is shooting to bits and she would grab – oh and it’s not Arnold either – so she would grab Arnold’s body double and she’s grabbing his arm and I’m like “No grab the arm with the gun! Not just any arm the one with the gun!” [laughs a lot]

And you know to try to teach someone right there how to be fierce, how to be Sarah Connor, was an edgy moment …”

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