Jason Voorhees news!!

FREDDY VS JASON and FRIDAY THE 13TH (2009) writers Damian Shannon and Mark Swift still want to see FREDDY VS JASON 2 hit the screen one day.

This is what Shannon and Swift said:

We still want to get it made! We would always love to do another one. But it’s always good to get fresh eyes on the material, no? We’ve had our day. We’ve written for Jason more than any other writer, I think. Let someone new come in and give it fresh blood!




Shannon and Swift also talk about the Friday the 13th Reboot film and said:

We talked about it. Ultimately that idea was left behind… because we wanted it for the sequel! Yes, here for the first time ever, we can confirm that we had extended flashbacks in the unmade winter sequel with Pamela and Elias. Oh, and Pamela was the fucking terrifying one…



Kane Hodder heard of this and said:

I mean, I would love to. We’ve got to do another one, right? There have been 12 movies so far. We gotta do 13, right? So, I’m all for it! Hey, I can still kill motherf*ckers! [Laughs]

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