What effect will the Coronavirus have on the release of Panther Homecoming?

The Coronavirus has been going viral on all social media and has taken tolls in all events. One of those events happens to be the release date of “F9”. But the one thing that Gruemonkey has been wondering the most is will the same thing happen to “Panther Homecoming”? It was announced on the official Instagram page of the documentary (@panther_homecoming_documentary), before this virus went viral, that it will be released on YouTube for May 30, 2020 but it was also said that there is a premiere being planned to take place earlier on in that month. Joey Ambrosini is a producer of the documentary and has stated his feelings on what the future can hold for this documentary with the virus being in the way:

“I truly do not want to see all of this hard work go to waste. Myself and Rocky Ciarrocchi have produced what can be described as a masterpiece. I have been getting text messages from all my friends and family and even a few cast members in the documentary asking me what do I think will happen now that the Coronavirus is getting in the way of a lot of things. I mean, I don’t want it to interfere in something this grand. It would be an absolute disappointment. Rocky and I have been discussing what big things we could bring to the table for a big premiere to take place at Masuk High School for this documentary. Just the thoughts and ideas we’ve shared with each other made us know that the premiere for this would be bigger and better than the premiere that took place for ‘Panther Brawl’. But put aside the possibility of not being able to have a premiere, there has been theories that Masuk High School can remain closed for the rest of the school year. Now, I think that won’t happen but say it did, then I would hate to be the one to inform everyone that the documentary won’t be released at all and I know Rocky would hate to announce that as much as I would. All I can do is just keep my fingers crossed as tight as ever in hopes that things go as planned and say they do and we end up having a premiere, we would have those details announced by April.”

Joey Ambrosini has not lost any hopes for a premiere or a release in general and we at Gruemonkey have our fingers crossed for the documentary and for this Coronavirus to blow over.


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