Trailer for new Candyman is here!!

Jordan Peele’s Candyman hits theaters on June 12.


Artist Anthony McCoy Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) goes so far as to set up an exhibit dedicated to the ghost, a former slave and artist murdered in the 19th century.

McCoy quickly regrets his inspiration and becomes a Candyman believer. “I made a mistake, I brought him back,” he confesses as the collective sound of people smacking hand to forehead is heard around the globe.

The new, unseen Candyman kills gruesomely, bringing the hook to everyone from post-exhibit lovers to mean girls holed up in the school bathroom.

“I am the writing on the wall, the sweet smell of blood,”  “Be my victim.”



During a private unveiling of the trailer Wednesday, Peele said he was “inspired” by the original film co-written and directed by Bernard Rose, which featured Tony Todd as Candyman.

Long before it became an overdue Hollywood priority, “Candyman” was “an iconic example of representation,” said Peele




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