Poster for Seasons Greetings 2 from Concept Media!!

Tis the Season and Concept Media Films has the cure for your holiday blues! The second installment in the Season’s Greetings franchise features new holiday shorts from up and coming directors Brittany Blanton, Rob Collins and Travis Wilson. This Holiday special is sure to deck your halls!
Brought to you by Heckles & Horror, Taintbad Productions & B Dynamic Picture.



Starring: Rebekah Erb, Courtney Clark, Kaylee Williams, Payton Pleska, Stephen J. Hodke, Andrew Moore, Brittany Blanton, Emily McAnulty, Rob Collins, Anthony Brownlee & Travis Wilson.

Associate Producers: Rebecca Kuhlmann, Fred Kuhlmann, Mari Conrad, Jeff Ringer, Lisa Ringer, Brandon Knopp, Kelsey Frazier, Jen Collins.

Executive Producers: Jay Sorensen, John Lepper.

Produced By: Brittany Blanton, Shawn Burkett, Rob Collins, Chris Gierowski, Cheyenne Gordon, Andrew Moore, Stephen J. Hodke, Ryan Stacy, Travis Wilson.

Season’s Greetings 2 will be available Friday, December 20th via Amazon and Vimeo on Demand! As well as a Limited
Edition Blu-ray will be available for pre-order at




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