SuperHell! The John Walker collection!!

Welcome to the demented realm of SuperHell! John Walker brings us an array of vastly sick and twisted horrors in this latest sleazeball collection. Killers, slashers, clowns, transvestites, abortion clinics, cannibals, rednecks, zombies, naked chicks, freaky chicks, a killer bunny, Satan worshipers, coffins, monsters, ghosts, witchcraft, witch doctors, punks, mutilations, gallons of gore and buckets of blood, violence and death, and heavy/death metal music – welcome to the depraved, sex-crazed party of deviance!
Includes special guest star Lloyd Kaufman, Founder of Troma Entertainment!

Two discs featuring six features and shorts:
Disc 1: The SuperHell Collection
SuperHell 1 – Satan walks the earth, and normal people have become murderous scum.
SuperHell 2 – Super Hell 2 picks up where the first one left off. Featuring the same cast that you’ve grown to fear. Also returning is Conrad Brooks (Plan 9 From Outer Space), whose depravity just might play him into the hands of the most inane vampire ever to stalk the screen.
SuperHell 3 – Everything comes to an end as Brooks becomes the new Satan, Granny Bob attempts to lead a revolution and Jodie Jupiter meets his fate. One last journey through a world of punks, zombies, cannibals, witch doctors and monster. Goodbye, SuperHell.
Disc 2: The Perverted Collection
Dee Flowered – In a town that worships Satan, everyone is a creep. This is the home of the sunny day abortion clinic run by the incompetent alcoholic Dr. Sunny Day and his assistant, the homeless, deranged Griffin. As the controversy and the power of mass prayer causes a psychic energy
mind-fuck, it also resurrects the ghost of Jack the Ripper who fights the pro-life crusade by mutilating the women responsible.
Other Films:
• Sick Perverts
• Two in a Coffin
• Bloody Death Curse
• Ghosts of Providence Woods
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