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Following last year’s calendar and all the awesome that came of it, team EmyBPhoto has grown and is here to bring you the second edition of the You Got Red On You calendar, the 2020 edition.

Your funds (aka your pre-order) will help up get to our photoshoots, produce, and print!

Hello! It’s me again!
Emilie here! EmyBPhoto is now a team composed of myself (Emilie Black) and Charlotte Cox, assistant extraordinaire. This year we started a bit earlier and have already gotten 3 fab shoots done with 9 more to come. You loved the calendar last year, you will adore it this year!
What We Need & What You Get
So, we need to be able to pay for this calendar’s production from photoshoots to printing. That is where you all come in! We need some help! We are producing this one out of pocket and the pocket need a bit of help.
Your contribution will help us pay for everything from gas to get to the photoshoots to wardrobe to printing to promotion.
In exchange, you get a calendar (or more) shipped to you. If you’re feeling adventurous and generous, you can also get your very own photoshoot!

Risks & Challenges
Currently, we are going to print no matter what, so your risk is simply a question of will you love what we do or not. Here we pride ourselves in always delivering a quality product no matter what. The challenge at the moment is paying for everything and getting everything done on time for the printer’s deadline while working 2 jobs and maybe having a full night’s sleep every few weeks.
Other Ways You Can Help
Share, share, share! Share us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, tell your auntie, your cousin, your neighbor’s wife’s nephew’s co-worker. Telling as many people as you can helps us greatly in getting the word out and getting more fans to get this lovely calendar.
Another way to help is to request that your local horror shop carry the calendar for the Holiday season (we will be ready on time for Halloween!).
Thank you! Merci! Danke! Gracias!


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