Troma July Schedule!!

Troma Entertainment is premiering three new films and exclusive behind the scenes extras by Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz:


THEATRE OF THE DERANGED III – A horror anthology hosted by the Mavlolia: The Queen of Screams, as she leads viewers on a journey through five gut-ripping tales of terror. A bloody fun combination of comedy and horror that is sure to make any viewer laugh, vomit, cry and cheer for the next bone chilling segment!
MULTIPLEX 10 – An animated short from director George McAlpin following the day to day life of the film loving staff working at Multiplex 10 cinemas. Kurt, a lover of all things horror, and Jason, a newly employed film buff who needs somewhere to work, must find a way to coexist before they tear each other to pieces! 
SIGNAL – The award winning, surrealistic short from Steven Lapcevic’s feels as if M.C. Escher dropped acid and never came back from his trip. Striking visuals and haunting music make this disturbingly beautiful animation one film that audiences will be pondering long after the final INTOXICATING scene!


Troma Now will also debut three behind the scenes extras this July, including:
Behind The Scenes On Big Ass Spider! – Featuring the filming of Lloyd Kaufman’s award worthy performance in the film “Big Ass Spider”! First he taught viewers how to MAKE YOUR OWN DAMN MOVIE, now he’ll teach viewers how to ACT IN THEIR OWN DAMN MOVIE!
Tromaloha! – It’s time to get leid and visit a production of “Toxic Avenger: The Musical” in Hawaii with Creator and President of Troma Entertainment, Lloyd Kaufman!
An Eyeful of Eiffel! – A magnifique trip to France for Monsieur Lloyd Kaufman’s scene stealing cameo in the much anticipated (way back in 2015) sequel, “Ninja Eliminator 4: The French Connection”!


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