Black Mirror gets an adult entertainment makeover in Pink Mirror!!

In celebration of the release of Season 5 of the hit Netflix series “Black Mirror”, WoodRocket and Pornhub are proud to announce the upcoming release of the porn parody, Pink Mirror.

“Black Mirror episodes are so entertaining and interesting. But you know what would make them more entertaining and interesting? Hardcore Penetration.” says WoodRocket director, Holly G Myers.

Pink Mirror premieres Friday, June 14 on WoodRocket and Pornhub for Free. You can watch the “Bonersnatch Extended Version”, featuring more sex and a alternate ending, available exclusively on Pornhub Premium.

WoodRocket mixes porn, comedy, pop culture, and adult entertainment. With films like: Ask A Porn Star, Porn Stars Reading Hate Mail, Ten Inch Mutant Ninja Turtles, Strokemon, and Laygo.



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