New Film Nocturnus in Production!

The upcoming horror film from Cinesavage Films is currently being shot in various locations in West Virginia. Ancient creatures hunt the living.

The movie is brought to you by one of the most talented people in independent cinema –  SAM HODGE. If you don’t know Sam, you should. He is smashing the indie world not only with his podcast The Horror Appraisal but his debut grizzly nasty Twelve Pole.  He created the soundtrack to the 2017 indie movie ‘The Small Woman in Grey’ that featured Brinke Stevens. Sam is creating the score and is Executive Producer for the British indie movie Seven Boxes. Sam has created a sickening short GLAM for 2019 and has a new up and coming feature film in pre-production Nocturnus, be sure to follow the film and see how this hellish creation comes together, click here to like the page Nocturnus.

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