Stephen King returns to Heavy Metal Magazine!!

Stephen King has returned to Heavy Metal Magazine. The magazine is dedicated to dark fantasy and cutting edge science fiction. Their most recent issue (#293) includes a King short story called Little Green God of Agony! CLICK HERE to order!!



Heavy Metal Magazine #293:

Heavy Metal Magazine brings you tales of horror FROM BEYOND THE DARKNESS in issue #293. Horror master, Stephen King, and artist Dennis Calero introduce you to the LITTLE GREEN GOD OF AGONY – Aliens searching for the afterlife, unfortunately, find what they’re looking in S.O.L.U.S. – Pahek delivers a story of space exploration gone wrong in GREEN GROWER – Aliens from alternate dimensions find more than what they bargain for in DOPPELDAMONS – A revolutionary war battle takes a dark turn in WHITE DEATH by Diego Agrimbau and Eduardo Risso – finally Heavy Metal’s new Managing Editor, Time Seeley, delivers a futuristic punch with a Megadeth’s HOLY WARS: PUNISHMENT DUE. Continuing in this issue is MURKY WORLD by Richard Corben chapters 6 & 7. Finishing in this issue is THE DOOR by Michael Moreci & Esau Escorza. Galleries by Flavio Greco Paglia, Denis Zhbankov and John Kenn Mortensen. 




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